You consider murder a happy ending.

You’ve never heard of ADOPTION??? You consider MURDER a “happy ending?”
Do you know how many women commit suicide at midlife, regretting having killed their OWN BABIES?
I was a Social Worker. I’ve seen how these terrible decisions play out over the long run.
Have you never Never the fact that an unborn baby does NOT have it’s mother’s DNA? It’s not “HER BODY.” It’s a tiny, innocent, growing person SHE CHOSE (in most cases) to PROCREATE.
Babies have the same right to LIFE as YOU do. How can any other opinion be fair?
THEY didn’t choose to behave in an irresponsible manner: in MOST cases, their PARENTS did.
Why should they deserve to be brutally torn apart by sharp scissors ✂️?
Can’t you hear SILENT SCREAMS?
Do you know that free birth control is GIVEN AWAY?
This isn’t 1850 any more.
Ethel Waters was one of the best jazz singers who ever lived. Yes, she was born of rape at 13…
and that is tragic… but isn’t RapePlusMurder at least 4 times MORE tragic!?
(Her white grandmother tried to (finally) befriend her – when Ethel was famous) – worldwide…but it was “too little…too late” thank you very much.
One of my children’s choir kids was also born of rape. But his Mom – who was mentally deficient- loved and wanted him. Church people next door wrapped their arms around him. Took him on vacations, to church, to picnics, camping, to swim lessons, etc.
He grew up to star in public high school musicals. He’s now a soloist with a university orchestra/choir. He’s a school teacher who also directs choirs. His wife is also a teacher. Their kids are well educated and successful loyal Americans.
Isn’t this a Happy Ending?
Or do you REALLY prefer selling baby parts to make PP people VERY WEALTHY? So they can 🥇 award themselves Lamborghinis?

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