One more step toward total control.

WHAT, other than totalitarian suppression of political dissent, might FascistBook be trying to achieve with its campaign of “extremist” notifications which rolled out today?

It clearly ISN’T to “protect” people from malicious or violent content. People can well do this much for themselves using the platform’s “block” and feed-preference functions.
The purpose of the campaign is to provide Left-aligned users a way to “report” those who express dissenting viewpoints.

Doing so simultaneously achieves three goals:

  1. Assists the zuckerbots in suppressing dissenting-view content.
  2. Conditions political allies to report dissent
  3. The resulting risk of being reported as an “extremist” (especially when no criteria are offered that DEFINE the term or the types of posts that will be considered “extremist content”) SERVES TO SUPPRESS the candid EXPRESSION of political dissent.

Like FB’s “Community Standards Violation” this characterization will be applied arbitrarily and capriciously.
Unlike the “Community Standards Violation” the label of “extremist” may have consequences that go beyond suspension from this platform:

  • The data gathered by this mega-corp ally of the Party will likely be shared with other mega-corp allies of the Party; impacting employment and other opportunities for those who are so labeled.
  • The Party itself may use lists of political dissidents created by its social-media allies to initiate criminal investigations and prosecutions.

These are the mechanisms by which a fascist projection of political power percolates throughout and poisons a society.

FascistBook was not ONE BIT CONCERNED about the type of extremism that, during the summer and fall of 2020 resulted in

  • harm to family-owned businesses,
  • burning of churches,
  • unprovoked attacks on law-enforcement officers,
  • destruction of historical markers, monuments and the
  • general ruin of entire city-center neighborhoods.
    FascistBook actively condoned these violent and malicious acts as legitimate expressions of political dissent.

What concerns FascistBook is the articulation of COHERENT DISSENTING ARGUMENTS directed at any LEFTIST ideology or policy.

A political Party’s projection of dissent-suppressing force (through the corporate beneficiaries of its favor) results in TOTALITARIAN control.
It cannot do otherwise because, under such suppression, the Party in Power cannot be effectively opposed.

That this Party-aligned, mega-corp beneficiary of government favor has appointed itself the arbiter of acceptable vs “extreme” viewpoints consititutes a SERIOUS and SUBSTANTIAL move in the direction of actual Fascism and totalitarian control of public discourse.

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