The shape-shifting propaganda continues.

The Shape-shifting propaganda continues:
“Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught in public K-12 schools,” says the Cherry Creek School Board.

Recognizing a backlash against Critical Race Theory, Cherry Creek School District joins districts across the US in denying it has ever presented CRT.

Instead, the district claims to strive for ‘culturally sensitive’ instruction, which is informed by the PRECISE LIE at the core of CRT:

“America was built on the backs of African slaves and persists as a racist nation. White people owe every success to the oppression of racial minorities.”

In typical double-speak fashion, they have simply changed the name of the race-baiting, collectivist doctrine.

If you choose to immerse your child in “social justice” marxism for 6-7 hours per day,
(“I have to because I’ve already paid for it!”)
know that your child will come home with a lot of garbage in her or his head.

Much of the propaganda will actually threaten your child’s emerging ability to reason by pressuring him or her to DISMISS the reference points on which rationality depends; previously learned information, observations and experiences.

It will be up to you to undo the damage by teaching the TRUTH ABOUT RACE IN AMERICA:

1.) The evil of slavery has spanned the WHOLE of recorded human history. It has been perpetrated by and victimized people of every race on every inhabited continent INCLUDING the many different tribal nations that preceded the founding of the USA on this continent.

2.) In spite of slavery’s thoroughly entrenched role in ALL human society, its abolition in the USA took only 89 YEARS.

In the span of ONE HUMAN LIFE, from the Declaration’s self-evident truth of human equality to the ratification of our 13th Amendment, an evil that had plagued human societies of every race and nationality was abolished in the US.

3.) America’s successful integration of the races is an observable, quantifiable the FACT. Minority-race representation among corporate boards, lawmakers, judges, mayors, governors and even the presidency serves to prevent re-emergence of ‘systemic’ racism.

Under the header of “teaching ‘social justice’ to tomorrow’s citizens,” Party-aligned government schools are propagating an essentially Marxist set of doctrines that “collectivize” notions of justice.

These doctrines replace the equal standing of PERSONS (empowering the individual) with “equity” among “identity groups” (requiring a virtually unlimited authorization of government power over social and economic order.) This is entirely consistent with Marxist political strategy.

Cultivates and exploits collective grievance. They blame social or economic difficulties suffered by some on “oppression” by others, then promise retaliatory redress.

Those who elect to submit their child to public schools will need to counteract the indoctrination by teaching these fundamental TRUTHS ABOUT JUSTICE:

1.) Justice CANNOT be “collectivized.” It consists of the equal standing of EACH PERSON’S inalienable LIBERTY; the right to OWN his or her life.

2.) Respect for each person’s natural LIBERTY to pursue a life defined by his/her own values and priorities is the FOUNDATION of both MORAL CONDUCT and just governance.

3.) The equal standing of each person produces the consenting, interdependent exchange that generates progress and prosperity.
It also produces an endless variety of individual lifestyles and outcomes because each individual is a unique combination talents, aptitudes, etc.

Justice CANNOT deliver equality of socio-economic standing, standard of living, income, housing, etc.

The Marxists’ “social justice” promise of economic and social ‘equity’ (engineered by force of law) cannot be delivered without the gross INJUSTICE of disregard for the INDIVIDUAL in pursuit of “collective” outcomes;
statistical parity among recognized identity groups.

Such parity, of course, can only be achieved and maintained by exercise of totalitarian control over social and economic order.
And that is the POINT of “social justice” doctrines being propagated, by WHATEVER NAME in today’s government-run K-12 schools.

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