Could not be said any better.

If I placed my faith in our political system rather than in the Lord Jesus Christ, this would be maddening.
What am I talking about? The Missouri Republican Party.

I am a product of the Reagan Revolution. I have not supported a Democrat since I made the stupid mistake of voting for Jimmy Carter (who deceived us and paid for it in 1980). I could vote for a Democrat (there are honorable ones), but they would have to be “pro-life” to even be considered. Why? For me, it all begins with “life.” Without “life” there can be no “liberty.” Without “life” there can be no “pursuit of happiness.” I am so thankful Missouri has a “pro-life” governor.

With the election of Ronald Reagan, conservatism entered the political bloodstream of America and became a force within the GOP. Reagan won Southern Baptist hearts to the GOP when he told Southern Baptist leaders: “I know you cannot endorse me, but I endorse you.” Reaganites were betrayed by the Bush family (more so by George H.W. Bush — the worst mistake Reagan ever made in picking him as his running mate). The fight for the soul of the Republican Party has continued to this day between Reagan conservatives and the old Rockefeller moderates (who act like Democrats, believing the government can solve all problems). No, we Reagan Republicans believe the size of government IS THE PROBLEM and we need less of it.

This is where the fight is in the Missouri Republican Party. Conservatives are opposed by a coalition of old Rockefeller moderates and Democrats disguised as Republicans. They run and too often win in districts by passing themselves off as something they are not.

This problem is compounded by three factors:

  1. A shift in loyalty from “Big Business.” The corporate world has become “woke” and support such candidates. The hospitals, Big Pharm, trial lawyers, the teachers union (National Education Association) and large corporations have incredible influence along with higher education at places like Washington University (which supports abortionists and cloning). The Chambers of Commerce of Kansas City and St. Louis have become liberal lapdogs. This means conservatives are outgunned financially. But what conservatives must remember is this: It is not necessarily the candidate who raises the most money that wins, it only requires a good candidate to have “ENOUGH” money to fund a winning campaign (McCaskill outraised Hawley and we all know how that turned out.)
  2. There is no closed primary and Democrats, with no hope of their candidates winning in GOP-controlled districts, crossover and vote for these moderate/liberal Republicans. Whether real or perceived, this is why Reaganites want closed primaries. The lack of action by the GOP supermajorities in the Missouri General Assembly is making grassroots’ blood boil — something that could curtail enthusiasm and jeopardize turnout. But there is something else: This so-called “crossover” vote is why some Republicans are worried (I am NOT among them) about an Eric Greitens candidacy for the Blunt Senate seat. They fear Democrats will crossover to the GOP primary in an effort to elect a weak Greitens, thus at best, giving them a better chance of winning in the general election and at worst, electing a flawed Republican who becomes an easy target for liberals. This same tactic is used in state House and Senate races around the state.
  3. The liberal news media aides in this process. They hated Ronald Reagan and they hate conservatives. They will do anything to keep conservative candidates from getting elected, including falsely characterizing candidates as something they are not. There is no conservative media at the State Capitol (other than The Pathway) and that is why Missourians are often kept in the dark about how elected officials vote.

These, my friends, are the conditions in which we find the Missouri GOP. I have friends who are moderates. They are honest, well-meaning people in many cases, who are simply mistaken. It is imperative we find smart, articulate, conservative, God-honoring candidates to run for the Missouri House and Senate. Washington is too far away and much more difficult to control. That is not true of Jefferson City.

With all that said, we live in a “fallen” world in need of a Savior. No government, no political ideology and — especially no person — can make everything right. Only King Jesus will do that when He returns. But until then we must do all we can to restrain evil. The two things we can do in undertaking that task is to pray and get involved. God expects His children to be good citizens of both kingdoms — heavenly and earthly. We can only be that way in this earthly kingdom by being involved, making it known that God’s way is the best way.

God ordained three institutions: the Church, the family and government. The Bible says that if there is a government, God put it there for our own good and His glory. He expects us to be involved and to glorify Him in all we do. This is not about “winning.” It is about “faithfulness” to the one, true God.

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