It is time to do something before it is to late.

The 1st amendment expressly prohibits government infringement of free speech. Government cannot lawfully exercise control of public discourse.

And doing so through collusion with a private entity doesn’t serve to legitimize a totalitarian exercise of control.

The WHITE HOUSE has just admitted to colluding with social media to control public discourse. This is a direct violation of the Constitution and an entirely impeachable offense. But given Congress is presently dominated by Marxists who believe public discourse should be controlled by ‘rulers’, impeachment won’t happen.

How did we arrive at a point in which the right to engage in discussion of public policy is being seriously threatened?

We got here because we dismissed the SOURCE and UNALIENABLE NATURE of our rights as human beings.

Many, even ostensibly educated, self-described ‘conservatives’ have come to the WRONG conclusion that rights articulated by the Constitution are GRANTED by the Constitution.

The natural right to think, speak and express ourselves is INTRINSIC to our Created nature as human beings. As an unalienable part of the person, it demands vigorous defense; whether against infringement by public or private party. Like all natural rights, our right to freedom of thought and expression is subject only to an equal right held by every other person.

Our Constitution’s articulation of certain natural rights concerns itself primarily with proscribing infringement of recognized natural rights by government. The purpose of the instrument was to CONSTITUTE the GOVERNMENT, not the human being.

Natural human rights are not established by the Constitution, but by CREATION. So, the Constitution’s emphasis on constraining government is NOT legitimate cause to diminish the vigor with which we DEFEND our freedom of thought and speech against violation by any party; public or private.

In our ambivalence about defending our freedom of thought and expression against infringement by mega-corps, we’ve all but relinquished it entirely.

This self-inflicted impotence is a result of a failure to recognize the SOURCE of our unalienable rights: Our Creator.

Our natural rights are “unalienable” because they are INTRINSIC to the Created Nature of the human being; bestowed before the institution of ANY government.

Those who believe that ownership of our minds, souls, mouths and faculties is a bequest of government (“granted by the first Amendment,”) have LIMITED their own understanding of natural rights to the government-focused function of our founding document.
This view treats our Constitution; a legal instrument, as if its purpose was to create the human being (and society) rather than to constitute the government.

Little wonder why people suffering such confusion are paralyzed by ambivalence in the face of tyranny exercised through Party-aligned, mega-corp beneficiaries of government favor.

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