Lesson learned

My grandmother was a proud member of the Democrat Party. Because she was of such terrific influence in my growing-up years, I was a Democrat when I was young too.

The first time I earned a paycheck, I remember telling my Grandmother about the taxes taken from my earnings, hoping she’d share my outrage. She offered me a new perspective, instead. Taking a long way to the bank, she crossed a bridge, passed a road-crew and swung by the court-house. With each, she pointed out that I was now a participant in each of these worthy pursuits. She helped me take pride in my new, adult standing.

The Democrat Party my Grandmother belonged to was the Party of Kennedy – the party that said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

At one point, that party championed the protection of individual liberty, freedom of conscience and expression and the natural right of every person to better his lot in life.

The Democrat Party to which my Grandma subscribed walked away from these ideals decades ago and is no longer.

It’s been overtaken by people who believe that government should have the power to appropriate your earnings on behalf of those it considers more deserving and to dispense “justice” according to classification in pursuit of statistical parity between the categories into which it divides people. Further, it today believes that those who disagree should be silenced by any means possible.

In other words, the Democrat Party has been overtaken by people who believe there is no rational limit to the power of government.

I believe that the equality of our natural, individual liberty is the organizing principle on which America is founded.

The equality of our liberty is what allows us to interact peaceably, on the basis of mutual consent. It’s what has facilitated the interdependence on which we rely to permit specialization; promoting individual thriving and exponential progress in every human endeavor.

In subscribing to these views, I consider myself, simply, American.

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