The Marxist takeover of america

From Vincent Thomas Paine:

The Marxist takeover of America.

Like great nations or societies of the past, the forces that are weakening America come from within…from those we call ‘Americans’ but they are anything but an American.


It’s a title that once meant something. Something far greater than simply being born here or achieved through immigration. It is the embrace of a truly precious and noble idea. That idea is this…

There is a God. It is God who gives us certain unalienable rights. It is in the eyes of God that we are equal in those rights. Rich and poor. Black and White. Christian, Jew, or Atheist. We are all created equal by God, and intended to live as free men.

The noble idea is that those who we elect to government serve us. They work for us, not the other way around. Their main role is to protect and secure our rights from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

That is what it means to be an America.

There are people in all parts of this world who embrace that idea and yearn to live under the light of liberty. They yearn for freedom, not free stuff. That’s why we see massive protests for freedom from Hong Kong to Cuba. People waving the American flag. A symbol of freedom. I count these people as far more American than the scoundrel traitors from within.

Yet here in the land of the free, the domestic enemies have increased in power and number. From politicians who get elected not to protect our rights, but to destroy them…to the protesters in the streets who burn our flag, burn our churches, and wave the flags of tyranny.

People becoming journalists to push a leftist agenda and narrative.

Others becoming teachers and professors, movie producers, owners of tech and social media companies…

All to push an ideology in order to fundamentally transform the United States. These are the people of the lie. Those who believed the subversive whispers of past communists in positions of power and influence.

For decades the Left has worked to destroy the America of Washington and Jefferson, and transform it into an America of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. But this process was given steroids by 8 years of Obama.

His presidency cemented anti American Marxists in positions of power and influence, many of who we never heard of.

Today’s Jan 6th hearing on the assault at the Capitol, being investigated as a threat to the rule of law, is itself evidence of the eradication of that rule of law.

We watched as the radical Marxist left spied on a presidential campaign, and then on a sitting president. We watched them claim that election was stolen by Putin, as they now say claims of a stolen election is a threat to democracy. We watched them resist Trump everyday for the 4 years of his presidency. We watched as they impeached Trump twice, without an actual legitimate crime charged.

We heard them call us deplorable. Wholly unreedemable. Smelly Walmart shoppers clinging to our God and guns.

We watched and heard them attack the principles of liberty, invent new rights not found in the constitution which are just as much a threat to real natural rights as their infringements are.

We listened to them attack Christianity.

We sat by as they pass laws compelling Christians to violate their faith.

We saw them allow a summer of riots, calling them the voices of the unheard, not an insurrection, and asking who said protests have to be peaceful and polite. All because those riots and that actual attempt to overthrow government was from the Left.

We hear them say the most vile and hateful things about White people, claiming we are inherently racist and privileged, and how we should be ashamed of our skin color, our European culture, and our past.

Even in the Republican party, we have Cheney, Kinzinger, Romney, and so many others, who are now working with the Democrat Party. They barely protested or showed any rage over everything I described above. But now they’re pretending to cry and be outraged over what amounts to criminal trespass and criminal mischief at the Capitol on Jan 6th.

These are the traitors and the scoundrels within. These politicians who rarely mention China and refuse to acknowledge their deliberate biological attack on America because they knew why China did it.

We saw Hunter’s emails, revealing his and Joe Biden’s corruption with China and Burisma. We also saw the news and social media cover it up and censor any stories on it, claiming with no evidence it was Russian disinformation when it actually came from Hunter’s own laptop, only admitting it was true AFTER THE ELECTION.

We saw them change election laws unconstitutionally. We saw them kick republican monitors out of election polling places, stop counting overnight while Trump was in the lead, and feed the same crisp unfolded mail in ballots into counting machines again and again and again.

We are now seeing evidence of enough fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona to tilt the election to Biden.

We saw them ban a US president an other prominent conservative voices from social media.

We are seeing a Marxist takeover of America without so much as even a whimper being offered in return.

What we’re not seeing are the real men and women rising up and defending liberty. We have become a nation of cowards, afraid of everything. Placing civility and peace over liberty. Allowing a vile and Godless left to rip us apart and drag us towards a communist hell.

We have become apathetic and complacent, valuing the material blessings of liberty more than liberty itself.

Ultimately, we are the authors of our own demise. Given over to a madness which results from the loss of faith. For as much as we may profess we love or believe in God, we have allowed the Left to pump filth and depravity into our lives and steal the very souls of our children, so we can pursue what really matters to us….A bigger house, a better car, or 2 of both, because God forbid people see the light of Christ on us, and not the fruit of prosperity and the signs of material success.

May God have mercy on us, and may America bless God one day instead of demanding that He bless us in this state of moral depravity and Barbarism we are all in.

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