Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Kandahar Afghanistan 🇦🇫-2007…I’m not going to get into the political or foreign policy failures as the social media world is on fire 🔥 with them. I don’t believe politics should ever be allowed near war decisions & if we haven’t figured it out by now, nation building is not something that will ever work…..also both parties have blood on their hands 😑 so no finger pointing here.What we should remember,especially for those who served and bled in A-stan is that we did what we could, I myself fought alongside, trained Afghani forces and befriended them and their families.It does tear me up that we are leaving them to die after they stood beside us…so i’m doing my best to find something positive to say about all this.I just don’t want my friends & fellow service members to go down a slippery slope of anger, resentment and regret. We did our jobs, we destroyed a lot of terrorists and a lot of their infrastructure and we also did do a much as we could on the ground help a lot of Afghanis, even if it was just having dinner with them, finding things in common and laughing uncontrollably over jokes while drinking chai. Most of us served with honor, courage & integrity, that’s admirable. Just know, if it means anything, I’m proud of you and all the Afghanis that stood with us. Don’t let political partisanship take anything away from the sacrifices we made and the good things we did. I know its hard to see right now and many of us are immersing ourselves in the political finger pointing which is ironic since its politics and politicians that made this sad mess. Just keep your heads up, look for silver linings and don’t let hate take over your heart….been their, done that, and it will lead you to nothing but bad decisions and heartbreak. God bless you all and God bless the country of Afghanistan 🇦🇫 . #nopoliticsinwar #tanto #fighttowin #findasilverlining #keepyourheadup #angerisnottheway #neverquit #keepgrinding #rltw #pmc #grs @battlelinepodcast @officialbattlelinetactical @realtantovodka @real_tanto_tactical_gear @fortscottmunitions @bubsnaturals @ned @thaddea_co @thaddeacourageousandbrave

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