I was born white.

I was born white, I didn’t choose it. I do not owe anyone anything. I do not support the KKK. I do not support BLM. I do not support racism. I do not support the far left. I do not support the far right. I do not tolerate ignorance well. I support and respect the constitution 150%. I support the U.S. Military. I support our police officers, who in fact serve and protect. I judge ALL people on their character, the words that come out of their mouths and the actions that follow. If you respect my opinion, I’ll respect yours and we can maturely agree to disagree, or we can never speak again, and I will be fine either way. Hate and racism will ALWAYS exist, AMONG ALL RACES!!!! If you don’t agree with someone else, no matter the subject, don’t get involved unless they ask you to. Mind your own business, learn how to protect your self from the evil walking around this world daily, and if the day comes that evil approaches you directly and uninvited, you will be prepared. Stay informed and take the initiative to educate yourself on what’s going on around you. People DON’T change because you want or ask them to. It will take a major tragedy for change to occur. Stop trying to blame one side, it takes at least 1 willing participant from each of the opposing sides. Instead, STOP making a spectacle of yourself and fuelling the wildfire among our civilization by constantly stirring the metaphorical pot. Life is too short, you never know when or where your last day may be. Enjoy life, smile, stop being so angry and offended ALL the time. Look around and appreciate the smaller things in life, they are there. If you look as hard for them as you look for something to complain about I assure you, you will see them. Start with yourself. If this offends you, I’m not surprised. However, ask me if I care? This is not an open discussion, this is not a debate. This is simply a statement, not a question.
War is upon us, get prepared. Do no harm but take no crap….that is all…. 👌🏻

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