Why are believers so accepting of the things of this world?


Why are believers so accepting of the things of this world, just because they believe they see a little bit of truth in it and everyone is doing it so it must be OK. The Lord tells us to not be deceived, because the evil one disguises himself as a child of light, but is full of darkness. We are called to lay down our lives, and pick up our cross and carry it. We are not of this world, so why are we living like we are? We are not supposed to be seeking out our reward here on earth, our reward awaits us in heaven. We are told that the things of this world will burn up, they will do us no good, because we cannot take them with us. The only thing that is going to matter, is a life surrender to Christ. That life is not going to be easy, it’s not supposed to be. We’ve been fed a bunch of prosperity preaching, and water down scripture.

I want to ask you a question. Do you truly believe that the life you are living, is a life that Jesus Christ would be living if He were here. I would be sorry to say, if we we’re ALL honest with each other, none of us are living that life. Christ came to this earth to be an example of how someone that loves the Father and dies to self should live. Any day and at any moment, everything that you have could be taken away from you… EVERYTHING!

Several years ago before I became really sick, the Lord impressed upon my heart. “If everything was taken away from you, would I be enough”. “Everything Lord?” The thought of that scared me to death, but I fell to my knees and said, “No matter how petrifying that sounds Lord, change my heart so that You will always be more than enough.”

He answered my feeble prayer, because just a few years later everything was taken away, even my own peace of mind. He became every breath I took. He was, and always be more than enough for me, and I know it full well. There is nothing that could happen in this world or to me, that would convince me otherwise.

Do whatever it takes to get your heart right with God, and your life back on track. Praying and reading His word. Repenting always, so the peace and grace of God will be poured out upon you. Sanctifying yourself, becoming more like Christ moment by moment, day by day. Then you will know if anything were to ever happen, Jesus Christ will get you through it, and He will always be more than enough.


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