This professor has been terminated.

The Professor has been terminated from his job at the New Mexico State University for non compliance, both with objecting to their stance on teaching critical race theory and for his personal health choices.

There was..

“No phone call. No heads up from faculty leadership.

I learned from my students via text that my classes have been taken from me.”
~Professor David Clements

The following support was just posted by his friend Captain Seth Keshel:

“Looking for something to do? Amazing what you can get done on a plane. I wrote the following letter to John Floros, President of New Mexico State University. They have fired Prof. Clements, as expected. I encourage you to e-mail him and give him a piece of your mind, and I also encourage you to be mindful of your words. Be willing to stand behind them should they be printed publicly. Make us proud in your speech. His email is

President Floros,

I am writing to express my opinion on the University’s termination of Professor David Clements. I have come to know David over the past two months, and am grateful for his friendship. He has mentored me personally, and when I’ve felt down, has encouraged me to cling to my faith, and trust in God to use my skills for the benefit of His kingdom and the advancement of liberty throughout not only the nation, but the world. Indeed, many nations allied with the United States are treating their citizens as subjects, prohibiting them from operating in a free economy, and denying civil liberties that this nation has enshrined in its founding documents, which are now unfairly and unreasonably threatened.

What has happened to David is a disgrace, and a blight on your university. Given your prominence in academia, it is likely that you and I disagree on many topics, both cultural and political; however, much like yourself, I have recently been given a large platform in which I have considerable influence. I have the choice every day to use that influence to motivate or discourage, to direct or misdirect, to remove uncertainty or cast doubt, or to help contribute to solutions that could help all citizens in our country, or to give up hope and lose heart.

It is a natural thing, and an American thing, to disagree. I am not writing you to convince you of my viewpoints, other than to express how you’ve abdicated your opportunity to do right by an institution that purportedly supports free thought and free exchange of ideas. As for disagreement, even among his ideological cohorts, Professor Clements has both supporters and detractors; however, is it too much to ask that the University, which likely has an office dedicated to promoting skin-deep “diversity,” also value and support diversity of thought? Must every employee and instructor endorse leftist thought and the suppression of all opposing ideology?

Your university is failing its students by cancelling a prominent professor who has his own free thoughts, beliefs, motivators, and passions in life. You should be teaching your students how to think, not what to think. I have spent my fair amount of time in academia, and I hold a business management degree from Ole Miss, and received a MBA from Liberty University four years after leaving the Army. Those who support the “cancelled” in our society are more than “conspiracy theorists” as portrayed on the news. We are not “uneducated” bumpkins who couldn’t carry on a conversation at one of your cocktail parties. We are soldiers, firemen, teachers, attorneys, financial professionals, athletes, industry leaders, technicians, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, brothers, sisters…Americans.

You still have the opportunity to find the courage to do that which is right, and I pray that you do. Professor Clements has shown more courage in the past week than all of the staff at New Mexico State has in an entire lifetime. He has been doxxed, falsely accused, dishonored, and now publicly terminated simply for holding different views than those endorsed by a biased faculty. Ironically, he is the only one of you, that I know of, to be acknowledged for his fighting American courage and pioneering spirit by a President of the United States.

Should you choose not to address this matter, may shame forever be upon your University and its abject failure to provide students with a solid foundation for learning about and evaluating the world which they will inherit. They may not like what they are going to move in to thanks to an intolerant world, one which appears to have outstanding representation inside your gates.


Seth Keshel”

Note the letter in comments from one of his students. During his explanatory (and final) lecture, Professor Clements literally pulled her out of the impending sense of doom she felt overwhelmed and burdened by.

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