Faith’s final test.

Faith’s final test.

Thank you Jeff Daniels for sharing with us.

An underground church in Kabul. In Afghanistan just a month ago, it seemed less and less risky to be a Christian, yet healthy measures of prudence would keep the congregation hidden in plain sight.

Their fellowship spanned the globe, with relationships to churches here at home taking root. They were united by faith.

Everything changed in a fire storm wrought by evil men just days ago. The occupation forces who professed that freedom would endure, announced they would leave very soon. Meanwhile, the fragile government agreed with the evil Taliban that they would flee the country and lie to the Afghan Army about a fictitious peace agreement that would allow them to stand down their alert posture. They fled too.

As talking heads around the world explained, there was no way to know how fast the evil men would retake the country they lost 20 years ago, the hidden congregation sounded the alarm and sent pleas all over the world for their rescue.

As the Taliban was lauded by the US administration as trustworthy enough to depart and the evil men gave prepared statements of their reformed ways, the killings began.

Away from the cameras in the other provinces, the rapes, torture, and murders went on in earnest. They began their hunt for any that had placed trust in allied forces, calling out names by loud speaker in the streets.

The hunt moved to Kabul. While the world mourned the dead from the recent airport bombing, the Taliban was fixed on finding the underground church.

Last night they did. All hopes for escape dashed. As you can see below, even the children held fast to their faith as the machine guns ripped through the phones that were listening. One of those phone owners gave us the account below.


Tonight, I shall pray for this church and these beautiful people who knew that in the darkest moment of all, freedom would be theirs.

This disaster will get worse, and we cannot let it go away. Sometimes when we see tyranny play out at this level, the indictments only come years later from historians who have spent years analyzing the crime scene.

I pray it’s different this time. I pray we will not seek to forget, rather, we should seek to hold those in positions of high trust to account in real terms very soon. We will not be one ounce safer until we do.

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