Stop the mandate.

18 months ago the world needed us to step up. 18 months ago, the world was in a panic, looking for answers. And for the last 18 months we’ve put ourselves in harms way. You labeled us as “heroes”, a title we never wanted or asked for. We put your loved ones before our families. We slept in tents, garages, trailers, and makeshift beds, and distanced ourselves from our families to try and keep them safe while simultaneously trying to help yours.

We have been pushed beyond our limits with taking double and sometimes triple our normal patient load, working 70+ hours a week, foregoing bathroom breaks, going 12+ hours without eating, and doing CPR until we can barely breathe ourselves. The truth is we have put the needs of you, your family, your friends and every other patient we come into contact with before our own, for our entire careers.

Now, within weeks… We’ve gone from “Hero’s” to “Dispensable”, because we won’t be pressured into taking an experimental poke. OUR wants and needs don’t matter. We’ve respected your opinions, respected your choices, and never judged; all we’ve done is put the choices and needs of others before our own. Have we not earned YOUR respect? You say if we refuse we should be denied basic medical care and the same compassion we’ve extended to you and your family for our entire careers.

Even as you judge us for things you don’t know, and want to strip away our rights, we still see your life as having equal value. We will still fight for your rights and freedom, your medical freedom, and your freedom of choice. And as long as we are able to – if you come to the hospital, we will still care for you.
Freedom to decide what goes into our bodies is vitally important, not only for medical freedom, but for freedom of choice and the “freedom” that our country and our soldiers have fought and died for.



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