Not written by me but needs to be told.

Written by kevin M. Martin

I am not a person to vent my issues or drama on facebook, but tonight
was one of the hardest nights of my life. I have joint custody of my son
and I picked him up for our Wednesday night visit from 5:30-8:45. I
could tell something was wrong with him, and he finally exploded into
tears and told me what was wrong. His mother has been abusing him
and he begged me not to take him home and please keep him with me.
If any of you have kids then you have to know how hard it is to do
anything other than find a way to help your child. This is not a first time
issue. He told his teacher 3 years ago that his mother was punching hin
in the stomach, and hitting him. The teacher turned it over to the
principal, and the principal turned it over to Chilton county DHR. Here’s
where it gets fun. l fought tooth and nail for custody of my son when he
was 5 months old. Had every piece of evidence from drugs, to abuse,
to abandonment on his mother. During our final court days she started
dating a local police officer and all of the sudden his mother magically
got custody. She since then proceeded to marry the police officer, so
now his step dad is a local police officer who also works with DHR. So
once the school notified DHR of what my 7 year old son was brave

enough to tell his teacher about. It all magically went away. So tonight
as my now 10 year old son is begging me to please help him to the poin
he was hyperventilating in my truck. I had to figure out something. I
called people and those people called people and the end result came
from a DHR worker from another county. She said to take him to the
emergency room where he can be seen and tell the staff what had

happened. Then the doctor could notify the on duty DHR case worker
and she would have to come out and place him somewhere other than
with his mother until he I can have a emergency custody hearing. The
whole staff at the ER talked with him one on one and each of them were
in tears. Meanwhile his mother and half of the Chilton county police
force show up and are trying to have me arrested for trying to protect
my son. The ER ended up telling his mother she was not allowed back
in. My son is in a room scared to death he is going to have to go home
with his mother and she is going to hurt him bad because he told me
what was going on. I’m trying to be strong for him, but lm scared to
death at the same time because I cant trust anyone in the police force
that are there trying to tell me they are just trying to help. Finally a
investigator shows up who I really want to believe is neutral and is in th
best interest of my son. He wanted to talk with my wife and I. After we
talked I insisted that he go in the room alone and talk with my son.
asked him if he had kids. He said yes and I said what would you do? So
after talking with my son he tells me that he was calling the DHR case
worker to get her down there because he needs to go home with his
daddy until further notice. After he called the DHR case worker she saic
she was not coming down and I could just go hire a lawyer in the
morning, and to send my son home with his mother tonight. The investigator then called another county DHR to try and get them to come
write a order for him to go home with me. They said the same thing. For
him to go home with his mom. They aren’t coming out. Another police
that was with the investigator who I really feel was very sincere told me
that the investigator pretty much begged for them to come to the
hospital and see my son. End result my son was sent right back home
with his abusive mother. When they told him he had to go with her he

had a absolute meltdown and they had to peel him off of me. This is
absolutely the most helpless I have ever felt in my life. I have zero faith
in DHR, zero faith in the system. The nurses and staff were crying
watching my son being peeled off of me. One of the officers told me he
couldn’t even watch and anyone could see that my son needed to go
with me. May God have mercy on the people at DHR who just absolutely
are there to collect a paycheck. Not all of you, (1 man that is there helps
me if he can) but the majority of you are a pathetic excuse of human
life. You have a job to protect children and you cant even roll out of the

bed with people begging you to do so. Its not you or your problem so
why would you do your job? lts much easier to just throw a innocent
scared child right back into the hell he is doing all he can to get out of. I
know his mothers wrath and lived it. She tried to kill herself multiple
times while pregnant with him, she wrote letters of how she wished my
other daughter would die. I even landed 7 staples in my head and a
busted eardrum from her. These few things are just scratching the
surface She is the face of pure evil. I will be retaining the baddest
lawyer I can find tomorrow, I will get my son out of this mess as I
promised him I would, and I will make it my personal goal to expose
DHR and take you for all you are worth. I dont care what it takes or what
it cost. My son will be safe. Please anyone and everyone share this. Our
children deserve better. And to my son Karcen. Just hang on and be
strong buddy. Daddy’s got you.

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