American heros fighting a secret war.

American heroes fighting a secret war beyond the battlefields of Vietnam, across the fence in Laos and Cambodia.
MACV SOG-John “Tilt” Stryker Meyer and Lynne “Blackjack” Black Jr., Phu Bai forward launch site, Central Vietnam, 1968. Both are armed with XM177’s, one with a XM148 grenade launcher.
“We would always carry a basic load of 550-600 rounds for the carpet team, about 10 hand grenades and a dozen or more rounds for the M-79 grenade launcher. For the gear, we always carried between 80-90 pounds,”
– Sgt. John S. Meyer
John Meyer wrote several books about his time in MACV SOG most notably, “Across the Fence.”
“As the commander of SOG, I can say that “Across The Fence” accurately reflects why the secret war was hazardous for our troops and so deadly for the enemy. Far beyond the battlefields of Vietnam, across the fence in Laos and Cambodia, America fought a deadly secret war. Known only as SOG, the Special Forces men of the Studies and Operations Group didn’t play by the rules. They used every trick in the book to defeat the communist forces and if those didn’t work they made up new ones. SOG operators tapped into phone wires, ambushed enemy units and gathered some of the most important intelligence of the war. All of this came at a staggering price in terms of casualties. At one point the casualty rate exceeded one hundred percent. So, what kept these extraordinary men running missions that were sure to get them wounded or killed? Why did they return to Vietnam for a second tour of duty with SOG? The answers to those questions are in this book.”
– General John K. Singlaub (U.S. Army Ret.)

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