Just one of many times we were slaughtered.

After things like this you think anyone should trust the government. The united states has broken every treaty there have made with the native American Indian. Now they will come after me and you. Wake up there is no stopping them. No matter how much they have it is never enough. Please read this and share it with everyone you know.

BELOW IS A COLORIZED photo of Spotted Elk also known as Bigfoot. He was the only surviving child of Crazy Horse’s mother’s oldest brother One Horn. One Horn was killed by a buffalo, so Spotted Elk was raised by another of Crazy Horse’s Mom, Rattling Blanket’s brothers, Lone Horn. As an adult Spotted Elk became a leader among our family. During the time of the ghostdance (1890) and immediately after Sitting Bull’s murder, he and his band fled south from the Cheyenne River Reservation to the Red Cloud Agency (now Pine Ridge) to talk to Red Cloud. However he was stopped by the 7th Cavalry and detained. After disarming his tribe, the cavalry opened fire on his people from three sides with rifles and Gatling guns, killing women, children, elders, and men…and even some of their own soldiers in the crossfire. Spotted Elk was killed during the barrage. He and his people were buried in a mass grave in the community of Wounded Knee. There were more medal of honors awarded to the soldiers by the government for this massacre than all the Medal of Honors given in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars put together. Recently a bill tp rescind those Wounded Knee Medal of Honors has been introduced in Congress. Many believe the 7th Cavalry was paying the Lakota back for what they did to their unit and Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Some of our family was at Wounded Knee and witnessed it. They passed their stories to us, You can read what they told us in our book “Crazy Horse the Lakota Warrior’s Life and Legacy” available on our website at ReelContact.com. Wopila!

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