What is happening is not new and it has failed everytime.

Vincent Thomas Paine

George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.
Both wrote books warning of a possible future where tyranny reigns. Orwell wrote 1984, and Huxley, A Brave New World. Yet both had very different ideas as to the nature of such tyranny.
A fact many don’t know is that George Orwell was a Democratic Socialist. He rejected capitalism and embraced a socialist system. While he believed that the state should dictate the means of production and abolish or restrict economic freedom, he believed that political freedom should be maintained.
Free speech. Free assembly. The right to protest.
Orwell feared that tyranny would emerge against the will of the people and use force and Coercion to destroy the political freedoms of the people.
Aldous Huxley, from what I’ve read, wasn’t a socialist. He would be what we call today, a globalist. He worried about overpopulation, wasn’t opposed to mass propaganda via technological means as long as it was used for good, to benefit mankind and not one’s self. He believed that an intellectual elite should essentially be in control.
Huxley feared a tyranny that would emerge, not against the will of the people, but by their choice. He worried that hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure would be more important to the individual than his freedom, and people would gladly give up their freedom for pleasure.
Huxley isn’t wrong about tyranny, , and his view of tyranny is more accurate than Orwell’s.
Tyranny, at least in the 20th century, gripped nations like Russia, Germany, and China through the support of a critical number of people.
Ultimately, that tyranny turns in its own people and becomes oppressive. So both Huxley and Orwell correctly identified aspect of tyranny, but its genesis always comes through support of the people. That support is won through lies and deception. It’s won through bread and circus…through subverting a people to love pleasure and self over freedom and God.
How can both Huxley and Orwell, who clearly worried about an oppressive government, support in any way a government that crushes economic freedom…in the case of Orwell, or one ruled by a chosen elite, in the case of Huxley?
In each case, both men seem to rely on their belief in the innate goodness of man. That men in power would somehow do the right thing and work towards a collective good, not for personal gain.
Well, it’s the same reason a staunch conservative and fierce defender of individualism, Ayn Rand, with her Objective Moralism and Extreme Selfishness philosophy, also fails.
If you notice, each of the three takes different paths towards a similar goal…a just and thriving society.
Orwell, through democratic socialism where economic rights are restricted.
Huxley, through globalism and elitist rule, where the individual takes a back seat to an elitist class. Ayn Rand, through Objective Moralism, relying on man to reason his way to such a society.
But all three paths will absolutely lead to the same thing…total tyranny, the destruction of freedom, the extinguishing of the individual and genocide.
All three ideas leave one variable out. The one thing that ensures freedom, prosperity, and a just society.
God. Specifically, God as realized in Judeo Christian thought.
Only with a true belief in God or a Higher Authority, Man’s unbridled passions and lust for power are held in check.
Prosperity or the chance for it for all…
Can only be achieved by belief in God.
History, Psychology, mythology, and human experince bears witness to this truth. Only when the God of the Bible was rejected by a critical number of people, Western Civilization began its descent into nihilism, collectivism, and collective suicide.

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