OCS fort Benning Ga.

Fort Benning February 8, 1967 OCS
“I remember when I first saw that tiny guy Richard Flaherty at “Benning’s School for Boys” inside the barracks and we’d all walk around in our skivvies — you know, our boxer shorts. Now as shocking as it was to see him in a uniform — that by the way never fit him — but to see him in just his skivvies you really could see just how small he was. I mean when we’d do these rifle drills he would have trouble swinging his rifle around because it was almost as tall as he was. But I never heard him complain, and he did everything we all did and then some.
“There was this one time we were marching over the parade ground and another company was marching the opposite way. The men in the other platoon started ragging on Flaherty, pointing and laughing, and one guy screams, ’Hey why the hell did they let a midget in the Army?’ Flaherty didn’t hesitate and screamed back, ’Because I got brass balls.’ He was defiant, he was cocky, and that’s what I remember about Flaherty!”
4′ 9″ 97lbs Green Beret Captain Richard J. Flaherty earned the Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, & 2 Purple Hearts for his service during the Vietnam War – 101st Airborne Div. & 3rd Special Forces Group 46th Company. To learn more about the inspiring life of Cpt. Flaherty the book, The Giant Killer is available on Amazon.

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