The story of Richard J. Flaherty.

Richard J. Flaherty, born with a rare blood disease only grew to the size of 4′ 9″ 97lbs, but he had big dreams and wanted to fight for his country. All the military branches initially turned him down but that didn’t deter Flaherty. He spent three years writing letters until the Army finally allowed him in but no one ever believed he would make it through basic training.
Flaherty exceeded all expectations by becoming a Paratrooper and Officer. In December of 1967, he was sent to Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division. One of his first tests as a Platoon Leader was during the “Tet Offensive. He also served as a Platoon Leader with companies B, C, and D and as a Recon Platoon Leader with Echo company.
In January of 1969, he returned to the U.S. and attended the Special Forces School at Fort Bragg & assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group. Later that year he was promoted to Captain and returned to South East Asia with the 46th Special Forces Company A-110 in Camp Pawai, Lopburi Thailand.
Special Forces Green Beret Captain – Recepient of The Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, & 2 Purple Hearts, the Air Medal, Gallantry Cross W/Silver Star, Army Commendation Medal, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, 3 Overseas Bars, Sharpshooter Badge W/Rifle Bar, Air Medal, Parachutist Badge, Vietnam Service badge.
After the war due to the Reduction in Force, Flaherty was recruited into the world of military contract work: Rhodesian military, CIA and the ATF.
To learn more about the incredible life of Captain Flaherty who is believed to be the smallest man to serve in the US military please check out the book, “The Giant Killer” available on Amazon as a paperback, eBook, & Audiobook.

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