Capt. Jake Jacobs earn two Distinguished Flying Crosses.

Capt. Jake Jacobs was an Air Force fighter pilot who served in Vietnam and earned not one, but two Distinguished Flying Crosses.
Jacobs was an F-100 Super Sabre pilot for five years. He spent one year in Vietnam (1970) when he was stationed at Phan Rang Air Force Base.
His job was primarily close air support for ground troops.
“They would call us in on air strikes to help them out when they’d get in binds,” Jacobs said.
Both of his DFCs were for his actions flying close air support missions to protect South Vietnamese soldiers threatened by a large force.
One citation states that on April 13, 1970, “Despite low ceiling, poor visibility and intense ground fire, Lt. Jacobs flew multiple bomb and strafe passes and completely suppressed enemy fire, allowing the safe evacuation of friendly troops.”
“I want to talk about the innate desire in all of us to be free,” Jacobs said. “I’m going to go all the way back to the Revolution. The driving force for the Revolution was freedom. That’s what veterans have gone to war to protect, from then until now. That’s what actual men and women who serve sign up to do: Protect freedom.”
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