Alive one more day to fight again

Special Forces Capt. Paris Davis, Det A1-321 (Bong Son), 1st SFG(A), US Army Support Command Vietnam, MACV, may finally get a well deserved Medal of Honor for his actions on 18 Jun 1965. During the 18 June 1965 battle, Davis helped to save Billy Waugh’s life.

“Billy Waugh was struck again in the forehead by a bullet that had ricocheted off some nearby bamboo. The wound was enough to cut him good and the blood poured down his face. He was knocked unconscious and this possibly saved his life. He laid there most of the day unaware of the activity around him. He had been stripped naked and left for dead by the NVA.

Ten hours had passed and the battle was still raging. Helicopters made attempts to bring new communications gear and some reinforcements to the team. Hearing the helos Waugh again tried to crawl to safety. It was no use his injuries had been too much. Sgt. First Class John Reinburg, one of the men brought in by the helicopters made his way to help Billy. Reinburg grabbed him and began to drag him up the hill to the rally point on the hill where they could get on the HU-1D waiting for them. Davis eventually was able to get them and assist in carrying him up the hill. As they crested the hill Reinburg was standing above Waugh trying to catch his breath. At that moment a bullet struck him right above his heart. As he fell another struck below his heart piercing his lungs. While Davis loaded Billy onto helo the door gunner took a round in the arm. The shot almost severed his arm at the elbow. The Huey took off and Waugh finally felt that he had a chance.”
Picture of Captain Davis (Middle)
The Giant Killer book & page honors these incredible war heroes making sure their stories of valor and sacrifice are never forgotten. God Bless our Vets!🇺🇸🇺🇸

Story by Bonnie Cooper

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