Time has changed so much and people have gotten so weak.

Not my story but I remember these times. My grandmother done the same thing. Right down to the flour sack clothes.

My Grandmaw. Ollie Devine (Patterson) I Payne She Raised 12 kids and made do with very little money. Made clothes for the family from flour sacks that used to be made of printed cloth for that purpose. Never had an indoor bathroom, and carried water to the house from a spring. She could butcher a hog or a deer and could skin a rabbit or a squirrel so fast it’d make your head spin. I saw her wring chickens necks and scald them in a iron pot of boiling water in the yard, then pluck the feathers and singe the chickens over the fire. She’d cut em open, yank out the innards and toss them to the dogs. I think my dog now would probably run from chicken guts. I tried myself to wring a chickens neck and it jumped up and ran off. At one time she made lye soap and washed clothes with a rub board. She did finally get a wringer washing machine. Once a year my grandpaw (Kit Carson Payne) would walk out to the hog pen and kill a hog. He wouldn’t waste a bullet on it. He killed it with a hammer. They always salted down the meat and put it in a wood box. The only heat they had was a wood heater and a couple of fire places. I found out years later that my Grandpaw built the fireplaces and chimneys out of stone and Georgia red clay. Grandmaw cooked on a wood stove. I remember it well. She did later on get an electric stove. She made lots of quilts. I’ve slept at their house, under so many quilts I could hardly move, and when I woke up in the morning I could see my breath, and my nose felt nearly frozen. It got cold up there. I’ve seen ice in the water buckets. My grandpaw worked as a miner at the Tennessee Copper company until he developed black lung. After that he made whiskey to sell. My dad told me that he sometimes helped him work the liquor still. He said that a few times grandpaw got so drunk sampling the whiskey that he had to carry him home. My grandmaw was a Christian and was really unhappy with all the whiskey making and drunkenness. My grandpaw did finally get saved and quit the whiskey. My dad later on gave his heart to the lord and started preaching. My grandpaw always called me Lonnie. Not sure why. My mom said that on his death bed he was asking about me and wanted to see me. He died before I got there.

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