Another MOH winner that was long over due.

An Honor Long Overdue:’ After 70 Years, Ranger
Legend Ralph Puckett Receives Medal of Honor:

Puckett fought in Korea and Vietnam, earning the Distinguished Service Cross in each conflict, two Silver Stars, and five Purple Hearts among numerous military decorations. Puckett was an inaugural inductee into the Ranger Hall of Fame in 1992 and spent 12 years as the 75th Ranger Regiment’s honorary colonel. On May 21, 2021, his Distinguished Service Cross from the Korean War was upgraded to the Medal of Honor.

On Nov. 25, 1950, then-1st Lt. Ralph Puckett Jr. exposed himself to enemy machine guns, effectively using himself as bait to enable his Army Rangers to spot their locations. That evening, he led his 51-man company in defending against hundreds of Chinese soldiers who attacked their position for hours.

Puckett repeatedly left the safety of his foxhole to spot the enemy and direct artillery fire, sometimes calling in “danger close” attacks, meaning he was ordering them to drop bombs close to his own position to keep the Chinese assault at bay.

In doing so, he was wounded several times and eventually was unable to move. Fearing their position was about to be overrun, Puckett ordered his men to fall back and leave him behind so as not to slow them down. Two privates, Billy G. Walls and David L. Pollock, ignored his order and carried him to safety.

The Giant Killer book & page honors these incredible war heroes making sure their stories of valor and sacrifice are never forgotten. God Bless our Vets!🇺🇸🇺🇸

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