Cherokee Princess, Real or Fiction?

Lesson from the Chief!
Cherokee Princess, real or fiction?

Cherokee are a maternal tribe! Means we follow the cycle of the 13 full moons counter clockwise in the scared circle as all events were held by full moon light which occurs ever 28 days exactly.

Cherokee women held and still holds political equality since pre contact.

Cherokee women owned the homes by tradition not the men!

Cherokee women were and still are considered assets being a full equal partner in life.

Cherokee women are encouraged to be independent and head strong, weak willied women with no fire are not considered to be able to protect your back.

Cherokee women are often wise in business.

Cherokee women are most often very artistic.

Cherokee women are great cooks.

Cherokee women are often hell cats and fight better than some men, truth.

Cherokee girls are taught to think freely and be independent.

Father’s do not sugar coat the world for young Cherokee girls to strenthen them for real life.

Cherokee women are loyal and loving and very passionate.

Some tribes view the men as rulers of all and follow the suns path, also having sun dances the Cherokee do not have such but do have moon dances and are similar to the Dine aka Navajo and Apache peoples.

Many Cherokee women possess psychic gifts.

All Cherokee women are beautiful to us and because women are our equals white said Cherokee women. Were tested as princesses and the still are Princesses so treat them right!

Principle Chief Mark Nightwolf Brown.
The Woodland Band of Cherokee Indians.


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