Did slavery ever really end?

Digital Slavery, The prediction of Mark Nightwolf Brown Principle Chief.

Slavery a distasteful part of history, or is it?
Slavery still exist in our modern world with an estimated 90 percent of the modern world being slaves! How can most the world be slaves?

When the Civil War ended the beginning of the end of racial slavery and began a new era where all races would’ve enslaved an enslavement that began as the beast of jekyll Island with the foreign owned bank called the federal reserve bank, and the IMF or international monetary fund these schemes along with the Vatican and later the faked brainwashing media and Hollywoods slanted prospective.

Worldwide slaves include most communist countries such as China, the Middle East. India etc fact is Americans are slaves think your free look at taxes all the fees and permits you must have, think of property tax yearly on property you have already paid taxed on such as building taxes on materials labor etc or purchasing you don’t own crap!

Think your free try to walk croos country see how many police depts will openly harass you or fine you aka tickets to prop up corrupt Town governments.

My prediction is Zuckerbergs new Meta company will digitally enslave humanity further than social media already has! Social media had wrecked marriages, friendships, caused racial and political divides it has censored freedom and open expression of ideals and his goals for the future will by my prediction cause massive suicides, food shortages and global conflicts over worthless meta currency and Digital imaginary real estate think monolopy or fake sim city crap. Mankind will fall further for enslavement by Facebook aka Meta when his metaverse opens a mangled falsehood that will enhance people like rats on a well baited glue trap. This enslavement will dumb further mankind and ekveatevtge so called elites tg as t force us to labor 40 hours for a fake money they say has value yet it is backed by nothing but empty promises, don’t be an enslaved fool fred your mind live simple free growvyourvown food and be part of the Ecoloution i am leading.

“I am still standing “
Mark Nightwolf Brown
Nov. 14 2021

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