Today we pause to remember, CPT. Robert C. Beckman.

Thanks to Special Operations Association FB Page for bringing this heroes story to our attention:
Today we pause to remember, CPT Robert C. Beckman, who was felled by a sniper on November 11, 1969 while taking part in Operation Striker. Assigned to A-362 (3rd MSFC), Phuoc Long Province.
CPT Beckman first entered the service after graduation for high school, joining the Marine Corps for four years. Upon discharge from the Marines, he attended Davison Elkins College in West Virginia, where he was a member of the football team. In graduated in 1963 and the following year joined the Army. He attended language school at Ft. Ord, California and served with the Special Forces in Thailand before being stationed in Vietnam. He was on his 3rd tour of duty in Vietnam. His previous tours were with 3rd Bde, 82nd Abn Division and 5th MSFC.
CPT Beckman is buried in Laurel Memorial Park, Egg Harbor City, NJ. His awards included the Silver Star, Bronze Star (Valor), Bronze Star (Merit) and Purple Heart.
Captain Beckman received a Silver Star one day before his death. The citation reads:
For gallantry in action while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an arm hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam: Captain Beckman distinguished himself on 10 November 1969 while commanding a battalion a Vietnamese Strike Force troops during a search and clear operation near Bu Dop and Phouc Long Province. Late that afternoon, as the strike force moved over rolling jungle hills, it was suddenly surrounded and attacked by an estimated Regiment of North Vietnamese regulars. Observing that many casualties were being sustained in holding off the enemy onrush, Captain Beckman made his way to a forward position under fire and drew his men into a tighter defensive perimeter. Although the enemy held more advantageous positions, Captain Beckman organized his troops and led them in several spirited attempts to break through the enemy encirclement. Faced with heavy volumes of machine-gun fire, Captain Beckman was forced to break off the thrust and pull back to regroup his men. Captain Beckman dashed several hundred meters back over the unsuccessful path of counter-attack to retrieve those wounded in the sorties. He then arranged for helicopter ambulance to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield and radioed in artillery and tactical air strikes on the hostile positions. Captain Beckman’s gallantry in action was in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.
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