A Republican Tsunami.

A Republican Tsunami 2022 General Election would bring a GOP Majority to the U.S. House of Representatives and the opportunity to seat Donald Trump in January, 2023 as the Speaker of the House.

If so, I suggest a new House Rule setting 6 year term limits for the Speaker, and a dual impeachment of Biden & Harris as a Congressional Goal in “the first 100 Days.”

Upon Senate Conviction of Biden Harris with a GOP Super Majority in the U.S. Senate, with the defeat of “Never Trumper” RINO Senators with their 2022 replacement with Conservative Patriot Republican Freshman Senators, As 3rd in line, Mr. Speaker Trump becomes President for the remaining portion of Biden’s third term (remember Obama, born in Kenya and therefore possessing a Constitutional Natural Born Citizen Disability, was the Usurper Presidential Pretender, so Biden was the Constitutional two term President from 2009 -2017), and with the controlled (s)election of 2020, Joe Biden is the new Usurper Presidential Pretender due to his 3rd Term Constitutional Disability.

Trump remains Constitutionally eligible for re-election in 2024 because his time as Speaker means he served less than two years as the Successor to Biden, PLUS, as a Constitutional BONUS, President Trump appoints his 2nd Vice President under the 25th Amendment, and engineers the election of a successor Speaker to be an ironclad certified Conservative Patriot Republican “Freshman Speaker” to run for VEEP in 2024, with the certified Conservative Patriot Republican candidate for President being FORMER PRESIDENT (insert Trump’s Second Vice President’s name here) as it is recommended that (due to Trump resignation for the last few week’s of Biden’s term), to serve as President of the United States during the transition time between Trump’s Reelection and noon, January 20, 2025 at which time Trump again resumes the Presidency for 4 more years, minus his second transition period resignation allowing both Trump’s 2nd VEEP and Trump’s 3rd VEEP to serve as a bonafide U.S. President; however, since Trump’s Second Veep (as well as Trump’s 3rd Veep) will each have served as POTUS during the 2024 Transition period between Trump’s Reelection and proposed 3rd Inaugural, and also during the transition period between the 2028 Election, said Conservative Patriot Republican Transitional POTUS, just like Gerald R. Ford, is a bonafide “Former U.S President” with the added benefit of the Title of President when he runs for his First elected term leading to his Second inauguration as POTUS.

The practice of a Transition Presidency before the reelected President again assumes full powers, “cookie cutters” Former Presidents for all lifetime pension, Secret Service protection, free Federal Building officing, Presidential Library, and perpetual Political Esteem Purposes, with suggested ex officio member status on an Advisory “Chief Executive Privy Council.” Each such GOP former President also has their two Vice Presidents, to be Gravitas Candidates for Governor, Speaker, and the U.S. Senate, or to serve as the American United Nations Ambassador, the American Ambassador to the League of Free World Nations, or the American Ambassador to the Native American League of First Nations, proposed to replace an abolished Bureau of Indian Affairs, with such International Association having League Charter Described powers, to submit new Tribal Treaties to the U.S. Senate for ratification,the prior Act of Congress specifying no more Indian Treaties being unconstitutional on it face by reason of it’s separation of powers violation by means of an unconstitutional Congressional overreach purporting by a Legislative Act, curtail the Executive’s Constitutional Powers to negotiate Treaties with such powers as the President in his sound discretion deem to be wanted, needed, wise, and prudent, plus the same unconstitutional Act purports to also abolish, without their notification or consent, the rights of Native American Domestic Nations, to enter into domestic treaties.

But didn’t Congress say it has plenary powers to govern Indian Tribal Nations? The Congress sure did, BUT the Congress muddied it’s own waters in 1924 when it passed an Act granting US Citizenship to all Indians born in the United States; because once granted U.S. Citizenship Congress may not Constitutionally “take” such American Citizenship “rights and privileges” without 5th Amendment compensation (what is the fair market value of the “taken” Constitutional Power to draft a Treaty that when ratified, enjoys status as the Supreme Law of the Land?) and also without violating the Tribal Citizens collective rights to equal protection with the United States as a fellow Nation, and also “due process of law” which includes the mandate of a voluntary surrender of substantive property rights, hunting and fishing privileges, and aboriginally sovereign Native American civil rights, and powers, as a dependant domestic nation.

To further add to the Conservative Patriot Republican Arsenal of future Presidential Candidates, Trump’s appointed Vice President during the unexpired portion of the impeached and removed Harris term, should not be the 2024 Conservative Patriot Republican Vice Presidential Candidate chosen as Trump’s 3rd Vice President.

Envision a Triumphant Trump, in office for his Second elected term, after serving as President from Biden’s impeachment and removal, until Trump resigns during the transition to his 3rd inauguration, during this period Trump’s appointed VEEP, just like Gerald R. Ford, now a former PRESIDENT in his own right, uses the 4 years of Trump’s Second reelection term, to secure the GOP Nomination for President in 2028 and to increase the midterm election 2026 GOP Super Majorities in the House and the Senate; Trump’s succession as Bidn’s successor, should feature dozens of Special Prosecutors focusing upon: the Clintonista Crime Family; the Obamunist Ongoing Criminal Enterprise; the Biden Organized Crime Gang, the Political Swamp Sex Crimes Cartel; the Political Swamp Financial Crimes & Dollar Devaluation Fraudulent Conspiracy; the Political Murders For Power Conspiracies; the Election Frauds and Phoney Voters Inquest; the Criminal Conspiracies of the Illegal Aliens and the “Coyote” Paid Importers of Persons from abroad; the Socialist International Conspiracy; & Etc. (“The purpose of Socialism is Communism.” Expert Witness, Vladmir Lenin, Founder of the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics).

In 2028 another Conservative Patriot Republican Vice President becomes the incumbent VEEP as Trump’s 2nd VEEP serves as the U.S. Ambassador to the new League of free world nations whose member states form a military alliance with a standing coalition allied military force of 20% of each member state’s Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines, as the Free World DMZ Provost Marshal Corps succeeding the U.S.A. as the Global Police for Crisis Council Declared Brushfire War Demilitarized Zones and the Floating Fortress Guardians of the Freedom of International waters and skies, and also, with pooled Free World member nations’ Intelligence efforts reporting to the Free World Crisis Council; the sole Free World Common Market for import/export educational, medical, cultural, and tourist travel purposes; the jurisdiction of the Free World International Central Reserve Bank; the jurisdictions of the Free World International Economic Development Commission; the Free World Nations International Travel Authority; the Free World International Crimes against Humanity Court; the Free World Pinnacle Court for Trade, Commerce, & International Travel Disputes; the Free World Amateur Global Games Authority; the Free World Nations Pinnacle Knowledge University; the International Detention Commission with a fleet of submersible prison ships; and a contractual adjunct octopus-amoeba covert activities coalition, for black ops, espionage, reprisals, and secretly sponsored guerilla insurgency movements among lands ruled by tyrants, dictators, criminal regimes, and oppressive dark ages War Lords of countries ineligible for For Free World Nation status, because their draconian laws violate the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Magna Charta.

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