This younger generation would never be able to survive under these conditions.

A couple of years before I was born Mom and Dad bought about 10 to 12 acres of land for $14.00 and a gold watch. Dad built a four room house, living room (it doubled as a bed room for Mom and Dad) one bedroom, dining room and kitchen. We had a large fire place and of course Mom had a wood cook stove. These kept us fairly warm in the winter, yet the cold air seem to come in from somewhere. I can remember Dad took felt paper and covered the inside walls and he put shingles on the outside with linoleum rugs in every room. We still got cold. Dad and my oldest brother put plastic around all the windows yet we were still cold in the winter. It seems we all looked forward to bed time because we could get warm. I was born in this home along with my little sister and brother. All total we had six kids with Mom and Dad. Dad worked in the coal mines at times and did logging as well. We farmed what few acres we had and cut our wood from the other trees we had so as to increase our farming fields.
Mom worked in the home doing the motherly things of a farm wife. She was the greatest house keeper and cook on our little mountain top. She always took time for us kids and told us stories from her childhood and books that she read. She loved westerns, Mark Twain, and wildlife books and her Bible. The way she told us or read these stories made you go there in our mind to enjoy the things as they unfolded. Mom would sing the old time hymns and some old folk songs she had learned. I remember the songs Barbra Allen and Jennie with the light brown hair as she would sing while doing her chores. I surly miss those wonderful days.
Oh yes, Mom’s cakes, cobbler pies, cinnamon rolls, tea cakes and other goodies were the best. The smell of these cooking would fill our little home, so good.
Dad built another kitchen for Mom that ran from one side of the house to the other. It also enclosed our well access so we could draw water in a not so cold area. Mom loved it. Dad saved enough money to install proper siding on the house and put up sheet rock inside as well. He bought a wood heating stove and closed off the fire place. All of these made the home warmer in the winter months. Mom moved hers and Dad’s bed into another room (Old dining room) and my oldest brother took the old kitchen as his room.
All of us kids grew up, my oldest sister got married, the oldest brother took work in a northern state, my next brother married, I joined the military and later married, my little sister and brother got married and we all moved away. Mom and Dad passed in their late years and the old home was sold. The old house was taken down later then my oldest sister bought the old place. My nephew now owns the old place and trying to keep it alive. My two sisters and one brother have passed away, my oldest brother lives in North Carolina, my little brother still lives on top of our little mountain and there is me. I retired from the military and returned to Tennessee in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains We have made our home. I retired with Olan Mills Photography and American Electrical. I could not just sit at home doing next to nothing, so I have worked a few part-time jobs here and there to keep busy. My life has been good through the grace of God who keeps my family well and safe. I give thanks to God above every day and strive to obtain that blessing hope at the end of my time on earth.

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