A word to the world.

Many people is not going to like what I am about to say. For that I am truly sorry. But it still needs to be said anyway. Weather you like it or not that is not the point. This needs to be shared all around the world. So please share it with every one you know and ask them to share it too. Share it in every group you are in.

First I need to say that I am sorry to some people in other countries for some of the things I have said. Russia would be at the top of the list. Do I like their form of government? No I am sorry I don’t. All men and women were created in God’s own image and he gave us all curtain right and one of those is free will. After listening to president Putin’s speeches I do have to agree with a lot of what he has said and the points he has made. He is doing his job and standing up and protecting his country and his people. You have to respect him for that. At this time he is more of a president than what we have here in the United States. Who by the by is nothing but a puppet.

Yes mr. Obama I saw your video where you talked about holding your third term as president of the United States. Well I do have to say you really did do just that. We all should know that Biden is just your puppet. He does exactly what you tell him to do. Most of the people already know this and the Ukraine is just a distraction to keep our eyes away from the real truth.

The whole world should know that NATO and their people wants this New world order. You don’t have to worry Satan stands at the door and soon you will have it but not without a full global war that will destroy most of the people in this world. If people think this country and this world is bad now just set back and watch what happens when the new world order takes over. Two of the strongest countries in the world already knows what will happen and both are willing to fight against it. Yes that would be Russia and china. If this happens just think about how bad things is now and how many freedoms you have lost. If New world order comes in you can multiply this by at least 100. Is that what you want for your children and your grand-children?

Under this new world order every country in the world will suffer and many millions will die from one cause or another. No you will not be able to stop it. These politicians do not care about me or you. They don’t care about your children all they care about is controlling you your children and all the money they can put in their pockets. The time will come when you will not be able to put food on the table or a roof over your children’s head or clothes on their back. Is this what you want for your family? If not then you better wake up and do what has to be done to stop it.

I have watched many videos and listened to many news stories about what is going on in the Ukraine and believe me it is all a bunch of fake bull crap. I talk to people that live in that area and tell all tell me the same things. Russia has not done any of what they say they have. The only thing Russia has destroyed is the bioweapons labs that was close to their border. This is all a distraction so that you will not see and know what the Ukraine and the united states politicians are doing. The bad part is it seems to be working very well for them. They have every one of you that believes what they are saying to thank. Think about this and tell me what are you or anyone else getting out of this? The only two countries that is getting anything out of this is the politicians from the Ukraine and the united states. Believe me when I say things are going to get a whole lot worse in the days to come.

They talk about the next world war but this will not be just a world war what is coming is a global war that will destroy most of the world as we know it. Most people have never seen what living in the middle of a war is like. Most people have never seen the death and destruction that comes with war. Does president Putin want this or me no we don’t nobody in their right mind does not. This time it is going to be right here in your front door there is nothing that you or I can do about it.

In closing if I could say these words to president Putin I would. I would tell president Putin I have a lot of respect for you and your people for doing what you have to do to protect your country and your people. I will keep you and your people in my prayers. Many people here don’t know it yet. But many people here will be fighting for the same reason when the times come and I don’t think it will be much longer.

Yes I already know I will get a lot of hate from this post. But I have said what the Almighty God has put on my heart to say. It is easy to go where God sends you but some times it is hard to stay where he puts you. Even if this cost me my life I will go with no regrets. May God keep and bless each and every one of you.

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