A time to open our eyes.

I asked the Lord to open my eyes, my heart, and my mind so that I may have knowledge and wisdom to understand his wishes better. I have learned many things since that time. I have come to understand many things that I had not even thought about before. Here I hope to get others to give some thought to some things that is happening in this world.

As I think back to the years gone by. I think about things I myself have lived through. You see both of my parents were drunks. I was beat on every time they got drunk. I went days without food. Had to live in old shacks, ware old wore out clothes, and most of the time no shoes to put on my feet. So yes I can relate to a lot of things most people do not even think about. There is an old saying that goes,”what don’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well if that was true I would be as strong as little David in the bible.

I will start with what you teach your children. We think they don’t listen to our words or what we say. We don’t think they see and watch what we do or the way we act and how we treat the people around us. But believe me when I say yes they hear and see every thing we say and do. So I ask you what are you teaching your children?

Many say they don’t care what color a persons skin is but you listen to their words when they talk about them or to them you see and hear a totally different story. I look around this world and I see so much hate. Do I know where all this hate comes from? No I don’t. You will get many answers to where it comes from. God does not teach hate. God is love for what he has created. Satan hates God and every thing God has created. So where do you as an individual stand?

We each and everyone has our faults and troubles. How we handle them is what makes us different in many ways. It is what makes us a good or bad person. We all have choices to make. We are the only creature on earth that can make a choice of what we want to be. Does that mean we have to live on our knees? No that means we have a choice to live on our knees or not to. Each and everyone has a choice wheather or not to stand for what we believe in or for what is right. There is good people and bad people in all walks of life.

We look at our world today and it has turned into another Sodom and Gomorrah. People will jump into bed with anyone. Men and women both running around half naked. People don’t care anymore and they do not have any shame. Men going to bed with men and women going to bed with women. People stealing children and selling them to others to have sex and for them to kill and eat. Can it get any worse? Tell me where does it all stop?

Then we get to the greed and the love of money and material things that has taken over this whole world. We are at a point where people will lie, cheat, steal, or anything just to get more money or any thing else they want. All they care about is the things of this old world. No one thinks about the life after they leave this world and one day we all will leave this world and stand before the almighty God and be judged for the life we have lived here on this world.

I know this world has changed in many ways. I know time changes all the time but does it have to get worse and worse all the time. When the white man came to America the native American Indians lived here for thousands of years. The had no machines or anything else to make life easy. They didn’t killed for sport. They just killed for food to feed their families. They lived with mature and mother earth took care of them and their family. They did not know about God but they did know about the great spirit in the sky and honored him in the ways that they did know about. We in modern times have forgot all about that. Maybe we should have learned a few things from them. If we had maybe we would live in a better world.

I hope in some small way that I have helped some one in some small way. We all need to open our eyes and see what is happening in our world and where we are headed. Remember what we make of this world is what our children and our grand-children is going to have to live with good or bad.

I want to thank you for your time and hope that I have helped in some small way.

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