Death to the new world order.

 Russia sanctions a complete failure as they are now exporting 620,000 MORE barrels of oil every single day than they were before war started. Seven Russian nuclear missile systems have been seen moving towards the border of Finland. As I’ve stated American troops have been in Ukraine and now Russian media is stating that seven US soldiers have been killed in Ukraine and one is in captivity, of course a retired Admiral who commanded Special Forces because Americans have been training Ukrainians to OVERTHROW RUSSIA for the last 8 years.

The name of the retired Admiral which is now in captivity, an American who was in Ukraine training the Ukrainian military to overthrow the Russian government, is Eric Olsen. There is no way on the face of the Earth that your television is going to tell you anything about this. Also a British Lieutenant Colonel and other NATO advisors and trainers have surrendered so after trapping Ukrainians into the situation where they have to fight for their very lives, those who have created the situation just surrender without a fight.

Iranian food prices have jumped 300% 5 Iranians died today in food riots.

Chinese aircraft carrier has been position to block American movements that might interfere with seizing Taiwan. Is China moves on Taiwan which is expected by most experts, it will cut off the majority of complex microchips and destroy a significant amount of the economy that is not already going to be destroyed by food shortages and lack of energy like diesel.

If you think that it is a coincidence that all of these things are happening right now then you are as blind as a bat. World War 3 started a long time ago, in fact World War 2 never ended as NATO continued to expand closer and closer to Russia despite explicit agreements that were made assuring Russia that that would not happen. Another words Russia is not the aggressor but is in fact protecting its people and defending it’s very existence from the evil New World Order that has toppled governments all around the world including the Ukrainian government which is warring with Russia right now and has been since before Russia invaded Ukraine. Get a clue Ukraine was attacking its own people just because they speak Russian and don’t want to be ruled by the globalist government that took control in 2014 and now those Ukrainian soldiers are engaged in cannibalism telling people that they are eating the bodies of dead Russian soldiers when in fact, they are eating ukrainians.

People are now dying over fights for food, cannibalism is happening in at least one nation, World War 3 is well underway even though no one wants to acknowledge it, energy shortages and food shortages are already happening severely in some places and will happen to one extent or another where you live, no matter where you live, even if the food is in the stores and you just can’t afford it which is exactly what I always warned about.

The collapse of the dollar is inevitable at this point it’s just a matter of when and I would say it’s already started, I warned forever about $50 toilet paper and it won’t be long before you see it. That’s not because the toilet paper is any different than it was before but because you’re worthless government printed fiat currency is even more worthless now than it was before.

We’ve reached the point where even though they are continuing to inject and murder people and they will ramp that program up as well I don’t even bother to mention it because it pales in comparison the number of people who will die even more agonizing deaths when there is no food.

If you’re conscious and matter in the grand scheme of things then get out of the cities while you can and if you don’t understand what I’m talking about then you’re right where you belong in the death zone.

Unfortunately those who have been preparing are going to be glad that they did and those who do not prepare well, may the odds be ever in your favor.

⚔️Death to the New World Order⚔️

Written by Harry link


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