Western nations is not going to do anything. They all want new world order.

Western nations need to do more to ensure Taiwan can protect itself against China, the UK’s foreign secretary has urged. Liz Truss said she was working with allies in the G7 group to ensure the self-ruled island has “the defence capability it needs”. She added the West had failed to arm Ukraine early enough to deter Russia from its invasion earlier this year. It comes amid fresh tensions between China and the US over Taiwan. In an apparent change of tone, US President Joe Biden stated unequivocally that the US would defend the island if China attacked.
Taiwan on Wednesday rebuffed a complaint from the Philippines about live fire drills around a Taiwan-controlled island deep in the South China Sea, saying it had the right to do so and always gives issues a warning of its exercises.
A new U.S. law meant to penalize forced labor in China’s western Xinjiang region is showcasing the still-fearsome reach of American economic power—and its limits. The law is already having a marked impact on one of Xinjiang’s key industries—cotton—and has the potential to seriously damage China’s textiles industry, the world’s largest. But the lack of impact on another key Xinjiang product—polysilicon, used to make solar panels—showcases the law’s limits. Companies in both sectors have been implicated in the use of forced labor, according to the U.S. government.
Matthew P. Robertson, a data scientist with VOC, and Jacob Lavee write: China’s crime against humanity—of massive executions by organ-procuring physicians—has been accomplished secretly under the headlights of operating rooms, and so for decades has been hard to detect. The global silence with which these crimes have been met is unconscionable—crimes similar to those of the Nazi doctors are repeating themselves in front of our eyes, and yet the world remains quiet. It is high time for Western scientists, doctors, and the rest of humanity to reaffirm the sanctity of the Hippocratic oath and give meaning to the Jewish slogan after the Holocaust: Never again.
The China Debrief is a resource of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.


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