Democrats think they are above the law.

Demonrats are breaking the law again and again and again one felony after another to get their way at others expense.
1) Stripping parents of their parental rights.
2) The gov’t is not only contributing to the delinquency of a minor, they are giving them instructions of how to obtain abortion pills by mail. Who provides the prescription required by law?
3) FDA says the abortion pill is approved and completely safe. Look up and read the possible effects the two regiment pills can cause.
Didn’t the FDA approve and state all the Covid 19 mRNA gene therapy meds were approved and safe, but classified as an experimental drug with a liability clause protecting big pharma from lawsuits and got the Seal of Approval from the President, VP, Surgeon General and HHS even though many respectable doctors, researchers and studies showed otherwise.
4) HHS launched a website for abortion seekers including those under 18 and 15 and how to avoid their parents finding out about their abortion. HHS provides a “quick exit button” to redirect to another website to prevent detection of the person ever visiting the site. This tells me the HHS is afraid of liability issues coming back to their doorstep and the questionable legality of their side stepping the law.
HHS also provides help in finding a judge that will authorize a court bypass to get an abortion without parents consent.
If all else fails and the individual can’t obtain the abortion pills because of state laws, the FDA has no control or jurisdiction over mailed prescriptions from a foreign provider. I find this hard to believe as several years ago Senior Citizens we’re ordering their prescribed meds from Canada and/or flying or driving into Canada to buy their meds at 1/2 or 1/3 of the cost in the US and our Gov’t would confiscate those legal meds and charge them with possession of a controlled substance or medication whether they were carrying it across the border or having it mailed. These were all legal medications, prescribed by the patients family doctor on a legal prescription and dispensed in the exact same way, labeled correctly as per the law and we’re exactly the same med, manufactured by the same company, with the same ingredients and dosage.
Seniors could save hundreds and even thousands of $ a year by getting their meds from a Canadian pharmacy and the gov’t blocked them because of big pharma didn’t like Americans getting it cheaper and the politicians love big pharmas big campaign donations.
5) There will be many court battles, lawsuits, liability suits, investigations in the weeks , months and years to come over the HHS working around State laws and States Rights to govern themselves as the Demonrats are knowingly breaking the law again as usual, but will spare no expense of tax payers money to find a judge that will rule in their favor. After many appeals on the different issues of abortion and State Laws, this will eventually go back to the Supreme Court and be rejected and sent back down to the lower courts.
Shit flows downhill and hopefully it settles right at the feet of the donkey people to waller in the disgusting pool of human waste they have allowed to be ripped apart, limb by limb.


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