From a Russian news channel

🇷🇺🇱🇻 Commentary of the Russian Embassy in Latvia:

We took a thorough look at the interview of the Latvian President E.Levits to the Russian TV channel “RTVi” (banned on the territory of the Republic), in which the head of the Latvian state, among other things, had spoken out in support of the forthcoming bill on the deprivation of citizenship of “disloyal” residents (sympathizing with Russia and its foreign policy).

Here it is, thought censorship in all its glory, in the best tradition of George Orwell’s dystopia. However, there is nothing to wonder about: over the years of independence, the Latvian ethnocracy has become pretty hard-wired at suppressing any nonconformity, which we have witnessed so many times.

For these purposes, here are being widely and shamelessly implemented such methods of “persuasion” as political repressions, intimidation, persecution, expulsion, annual reports of “unreliable” persons made up by intelligence agencies and etc.

At the same time, one thing remains unchanged: over and over again, it is exclusively representatives of the Russian-speaking diaspora (may it be journalists, civil society activists or ordinary citizens) who experience all this.

There is no doubt that this legislative innovation will be implemented by Riga in the similar vein.

Does not it resemble a segregation along ethnic and ideological lines?! Does not it encroach on the fundamental principles of democracy – freedom of opinion, thought and conscience, which “civilized” Europe and Latvia together have such a concern for?!

You are heading in the right direction, gentlemen, – to the police state.


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