This is how you know you are living in an upside down world.

1) Ivermectin: won the Nobel Prize in human medicine in 2015; is safer than Tylenol (associated with 1/7th the number of deaths that Tylenol is associated with); has been given safely 3.7 Billion times around the world; has decades of safe use; has over 70 studies showing its effective use in Covid-19.

And yet, it is demonized by many politicians, by the CDC, by the FDA, and by all of corporate media. It is so “unsafe” in their view that they are taking steps that are unprecedented: revoking the licenses of many doctors who have prescribed this safe, FDA-approved medication. They call it “horse paste” and the FDA literally tweeted out to people to stop taking it because they’re not horses. And this, despite the fact that it has literally CURED a HUMAN disease (river blindness) and won the Nobel Prize for that. It eliminated a terrible human disease. And the FDA has the audacity to claim it is an animal medicine.

2) Paxlovid: Pfizer’s newest Covid drug. Can cause liver and kidney damage. One of the components (ritonavir) has a black box warning. It leads to a bizarre “rebound Covid” (never heard of before Paxlovid). It’s so new that it is not even FDA-approved. Only available under EUA because it hasn’t been through standard safety testing. But the claim is that the Covid pandemic is so serious that we have to be willing to try everything (Hmmm … If that logic applies to Paxlovid—a new & untested medication—why doesn’t it apply to ivermectin, an FDA-approved medication with decades of safe use?). And now the FDA is allowing pharmacists to prescribe and administer Paxlovid to patients? This is unprecedented. Not even doctors can prescribe and dispense a medication. That’s why we have the division between doctors and pharmacists. That’s why doctors can’t just increase profitability by doing the job of a pharmacist in-house. And yet, now your CVS pharmacist is going to be able to do the job of a doctor in-house at his pharmacy? Is the pharmacist going to be required to take a full History & Physical and make sure that you don’t take medications that interact with Paxlovid? Is he going to be required to know your full medical history so that he doesn’t prescribe and administer it to patients in whom it is contraindicated? And all this for an EUA medication? We’re going turn upside down the entire practice of medicine (allowing pharmacists to play doctor) all for an ineffective (or, at least, inadequately effective) medicine that hasn’t even been FDA-approved?

Did I wake up in the Twilight Zone?

Yes I understand they want to make money. What I don’t get is the blatant disregard for human health in a field where that is our only concern!


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