Statement of the Russian Federation to the United States. Yes you need to read every word.

🎙 Statement by Chargé d’Affaires of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy at UNSC briefing on Ukraine


▪️ Cruelty of Ukrainian nationalists, their indifference to the people of southern and eastern Ukraine have affected the spirit of those who live there. In Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, people stand lines to apply for Russian passports. Despite the fact that Ukrainian authorities intimidate their citizens in every possible way, committing acts of terror against employees of civil administrations and initiating criminal prosecution for transfer into the Russian citizenship, people still make their choice in favor of a country they trust, in favor of a normal future for themselves and their children. Ukraine is losing those people by the minute – the way it lost the people of Donbas once the Kiev regime waged a war of extermination on them back in 2014.

▪️ The Kiev regime tries to exact vengeance even on its own military who finally realized the futility of fulfilling the criminal orders and surrendered to have a chance for redemption and peaceful life. US-made HIMARS MLRS struck a detention center near Elenovka in Donbas earlier today, killing more than 50 Ukrainian PoWs. However this scare tactic will only encourage Ukrainian servicemen to surrender. There are mass cases when Ukrainian soldiers refuse to continue fighting. We see such instances daily.

▪️ Reckless “pumping up” of Ukraine with weapons, artillery systems, and firearms trigger a situation when, due to flourishing corruption among Ukrainian political and military leadership, those weapons spread throughout Europe. We know that a considerable part of it goes from warehouses straight into the hands of smugglers and then, via established channels – to the global black market of arms. Such information is almost openly publicized at corresponding web resources. The problem has assumed such a huge scope that even mainstream Western media can no longer turn a blind eye to it.

Even Europol had to recognize this. Last week its spokesperson Jan Op Gen Oorth said in a comment to DPA that Europol was aware of reports about trade in heavy weapons. He also admitted that European law enforcement had some information about firearms being smuggled out of Ukraine. The spokesperson stressed that there remained risks of those arms falling in the hands of organized crime or terrorists.

▪️ You know what President Zelensky of Ukraine said the night the UAF killed 5 children in a row? Do you think he extended his condolences to the parents who had lost what was the most precious in their lives? Far from it! I will cite his words. He said, “finally it is felt that the Western artillery—the weapons we received from our partners— started working very powerfully. Its accuracy is exactly as needed.”

I am now turning to my American, British, and French colleagues sitting at this table. I want you to understand clearly this one thing – your countries deliver weapons to Ukraine, weapons that are purchased with your taxpayers’ money, and those weapons kill children. And President of Ukraine mocks at this, praising the accuracy of those weapons. Is it what you wanted? If not, where are your words of condemnation of this unthinkable profanity?


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