Sometimes you never know the impact you have on someone else’s life.

Good evening everyone I hope everyone is well this evening it’s David Wayne . I have a memory and I real life story that I would like to share with everyone that goes quite a way back in time. It was around the year 1969 and 1970. As a child growing up in a hollow in the mountains of West Virginia with my siblings in an old ran down shack that was extremely cold during the winter time especially because this old Shack we lived in set not too far from a pretty good size Creek so when the Winter winds blowed it got a lot of the cold air from the water and brought it toward the old house we lived in. Now the old house was in such a sad shape that upstairs snow would blow in around the eaves. We would pack it full of old newspapers or anything we could find to try to keep out the cold and the snow it had no plaster on the walls anymore the house lean to one side and all the floors were extremely unlevel you walk downhill to every room it seem like. But in the kitchen they was a majestic cold and wood burning stove a cook stove. All of us children together around to get warm. Especially of the evening time during the winter when we had to carry water and buckets to the old house. I have always loved good music my entire life. Now I was just a child but I was so fascinated with music. About a quarter of the mile up the road from where we lived was what was referred to as colored camp. And of course it was full of a lot of Black folk that were extremely musically talented. Their homes were just like ours all ran down falling apart and in sad shape. I would walk it barefooted simply because we were too poor to afford shoes. But a lot of times I used to sneak out of the house and walk to the end of that Hollow on an old dirt rock and gravel road just to stand beside the road of evening time and hear the old black gentleman with their banjos guitars and washtub bass sing rhythm and blues and black gospel. As a child I stood there in amazement in the weeds in front of those houses next to that old dirt road. To this very day I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anything more beautiful in my life than these old men mostly that we’re playing songs that they had learned throughout the years and they echoed through the valley as they sang. They sing a lot of spiritual hymns. And they sang rhythm and blues. And of course as a young boy I would stand across the road and even at times I would dance. Like I said I had an enormous love for music and I always have. These men unknowingly at that time showed a seed in my life. I started in music with an old beat up upright piano in the back of an old bar in a small town not far from there. The piano was in the back of the bar in a separate room from where they sold alcohol and I begin to learn and I played and played and played picking up on the music The Old gentleman had played on their porches. And some of their songs and especially their gospel hymns. As I grow older my love for music even grew stronger because of these men on their old front porches picking those old instruments and singing. Eventually I became an accomplished piano player and gospel singer. I was blessed enough to start traveling all over the place in the United States and play it old fashioned revivals church services in many states I would get to sing and play the music that I love so much. My point is this. The older generations have so much to offer to the young. With me it happened to have been the wisdom of music. They were always kind to me when I would show up they would either give me a cold glass of water served up in an old mason jar or some fresh real homemade lemonade. Sometimes I would get to dancing and it would make those old men so happy they would get up and dance with their fiddle or dance with their guitar banjo. Those generations now are gone. But they gave this old boy a gift that has carried me through at least 50 years of my life. They gave me a love for music a love for good old fashioned gospel music. I would tell anyone to always look up to the elders look up to the older generation learn from them. After all they’re hair did not become silver just by coincidence. They made it through. And through making it they gained a lot of life’s wisdom and knowledge and it really pays all of us to listen to the elderly or should I say the older generation. Even today they have a lot to offer. So whenever you look at someone that may be up there in years remember they are a walking library of wonderful memories and advice that may be able to help you through your life. There’s a saying about music being universal and I really believe that it is. With me it was music but with you it may be something else. So I would tell anyone listen to the elderly people listen to the older generation listen to what they say because they have earned every gray hair in their head and if they’re bald they even earned that. Just wanted to put that out there this evening thanking God for placing those old men in my life so many years ago. You would be amazed at the stages that I have had the privilege of playing on my piano and singing. I considered a privilege and an honor to carry on the old-fashioned music I heard those older men play and sing so many years ago. We all walk this great Earth together and we can learn from one another. Sometimes we just don’t listen. I have been guilty of that myself. But also throughout time my Outlook on a lot of things had changed. I not only look and study things but I listen. There’s always room for improvement in your life. And there’s always room to teach others wisdom and knowledge that you have learned throughout the years. Just my thoughts for this evening. Growing up in poverty was no picnic. but in a way I’m glad that I did because it has contributed to me being a good man who really tries his upmost to love God family and friends and people all over the place and to appreciate small things in life. It may not have been a great childhood for me growing up in such severe poverty but to be honest with you it has made me a better man. I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone this evening remembering the elderly gentlemen who all said around on those porches and played that old fashioned gospel music and rhythm and blues so many years ago. I returned to that area not long ago and nothing remains just the remnants of some old houses they have done fell in a few chimneys are still standing everything has grown up with weeds and trees now. But as I stood there it was like I went back in time and I could hear the voices and hear the music once again. I thank God everyday forever that I take every friend that I have every family member that I have. But one thing that I will never ever regret is sneaking out of that house walking that road barefooted even in cold weather just to hear those old fellers singing and play that beautiful music. Brother David Wayne.

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