Joaquin Flores on the question of whether Russia is in on the New World Order.

Everyone needs to read this all the way through. I know it is long and I am sorry but it could not be helped.

6:40 We have been burned by the realization that the Republican vs. Democrat parties in the US are part of the same thing, and we tend to overgeneralize and assume that same phenomenon is the same throughout world power structures. But Joaquin has found that that’s not the situation. There are weaknesses in the system. Their efforts are in promoting the image of strength. Like playground puffery or WWF. This hides their vulnerabilities.

8:45 There used to be child labor in the US at the peak of the Rockefeller power “gilded age”. They didn’t suddenly decide they loved the “deplorables”, rather people started fighting, with some success. There’s an inter-elite conflict even within the US. Roosevelt represented a big push against this oligarchy, he was very divisive to the power elite, to the old guard.

12:15 Now the elites have spent a lot of resources creating fake alternative communities like troll armies, people whose job it is to manage opinion. Everyone has this type of asset, including the Russians. Musk has such a troll army, for example. But the more grassroots you are, the less you need this.

13:45 When considering “black-pill” or demotivating messages, the important consideration is not whether it’s black-pill or demotivating, it’s whether it’s true. The oligarchy has been seeding things like what’s termed “predictive programming”. You’ll find “red pill” social media accounts that spit truth, they get cancelled. But the “you’re powerless” accounts stay. That decreases the amount the elites have to fight.

17:00 People think “multipolar world and NWO is the same agenda etc.” …no one is stupid to think these things, that’s how it can appear superficially. But think critically about a statement like “whatever they do, if they fail, whatever happens still plays into their hands”. That’s how bad managers cover for themselves when they make a mistake: “oh yeah I meant to do that”. That kind of behavior is not more legitimate in this context. Their main goal is to appear in power. They manage that perception carefully. Why would there be such a focus on this if they had all the power? The most stable time was when they had less relative power than they do right now. They’d established themselves as too big to fail. Now we’re all trained that they’ll have a response for every outcome of every crisis they manufacture. The fight for the living conditions that made America great? Those are exactly what the elite didn’t want.

22:30 People who come to the public square and speak out against the elite but believe they have total power are in reality serving the elite very well. Domestically they don’t have absolute power. So do they have absolute power globally? Don’t oversimplify, but also don’t overcomplexify. Paralysis by overanalysis is a risk.

24:30 Russia and NWO. Peskov or Lavrov may say “we’re giving an alternative to build a stable world order”, even “new world order”! Russia’s messaging has been frustrating at times. They’re not that in touch with how everything is received elsewhere (though this is not a very bad thing). By contrast, the US does a huge amount of message-shaping. For a while you would have thought the 200-year history of the US led up to taking down Saddam Hussein.

28:15 Some people see Lavrov meeting with and having his pictures taken with the wrong people as evidence of something. It’s not. Lavrov is a diplomat. It’s his job to meet and have his pictures taken with everyone. A photo is not some sort of proof he’s in their plan. Diplomats have dinner parties etc. and toast each other while considering how to take each other out.

30:00 Russia’s war aims. This isn’t about an insult yesterday. This is a crisis in motion since 1992, accelerated in 2004 and 2014.  People thought in 2004 that since Russia wasn’t cutting it off they were therefore in on it. This is fantasy projection. In our daily lives we wish we would stand up to everybody every time regardless of consequences or strategic interests.

33:00 What about times when Russia plays into things like the medical narratives? Think of it in terms of narrative formation or info war. What do you do when you’re in a narrative fight and you’re not on the higher ground in terms of strong position (as distinct from truth)? When the BBC, CNN, Soros media, and the so-called “international community” is against you (though 180 countries are outside that, and more on the way)? You enter the narrative where the narrative is at, because that’s what people know and can work from. Then you can jam it, lead it, steer it, from the inside. It has to be a branch of the accepted narrative to be accepted. RT is a good example of this. Enter in at the point of the narrative, accepting that it’s true, then over time, give more time to experts or activists, give exposure to resistance to the narrative. Include the stuff that’s absent in MSM. The media info war and diplomacy are interrelated, e.g. in timing when headlines drop. We still have the MSM setting the agenda of what’s the narrative. If you say a given message at the water cooler, are you going to be fired or promoted? This is something anyone must manage as they shape narratives.

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