Building a spiritual fire.

This is going to be long, but it’s literally life and death.
This picture is posed, yes, but I took it replicating the exact thing I was doing minutes before.

The devil has been present in our home for far too long. He crept in quietly. Like a cook gradually warming up the water in a pot that a frog is in, he settles in little by little, because, like the frog if the water was boiling hot immediately, we would jump out…

I noticed him in the anxiety in our home… I noticed him in the depression… I noticed him in the fighting… I noticed him in the nightmares my kids started having… I noticed him in the heaviness that came when I walked in the door… but each incident was so small that it seemed insignificant. Then, my husband started to mention that every, single day of his life something happened to set him back… and it did. At first, I was supportive and told “that’s just how life is” then as I noticed it happening over and over with increasing severity I started to respond with “I’m sorry” and then it hit me like a ton of bricks this week… my mom called me and said “Kinsey, it’s the devil.” It all clicked. It WAS the devil, he has been fighting for my husband for years as he has tried to grow in his walk with Jesus.. he’s been going after my son for years and has been increasingly trying to get a hold of him through anxiety and fear. He’s been after all of us.

I learned about the pastor John Ramirez about six weeks ago (God tried to tell me then, but I didn’t take action until today) John was a Satanist from the time he was eight years old until he was 25 and during that time he saw exactly how the devil worked and how God works. He said as he got older he began to notice that when they would practice their dark magic and prayers, they would attempt to get evil, demons, the devil into the homes of those that were not Satanists and in homes where there was active prayer, the holy, spiritual realm of protection was so great that the demonic presence could not penetrate it. He said active prayer in every room and corner routinely kept the holy hedge of protection around the home and that family and even if a demonic or evil presence encountered the people of that home out in the world, it couldn’t enter into their home once they returned. It took me until today after that moment of clarity that the devil was in fact here for me to go and pray all over our property. I can’t begin to describe the feeling that rushed over me, but it got stronger and stronger the more I prayed, my voice got louder with each step and I could feel a shift in the heaviness around me as it was replaced with light… the Holy Spirit was here.

I’m sharing this because people don’t. It seems weird. But, Christians, especially Christian women, you are capable of saving your family and your home. We are under attack. The Bible tells us that the devil walks the earth and will until the Lord throws him into hell and locks him away with his demons after the tribulation. We have to stop acting as if it isn’t true, we have to put on the armor of God and stand up to battle because he is everywhere, he is here, but God is too! The difference is that God requires that we ask of Him and it will be so. You have to ask, you have to declare His presence.

I know after reading this, people are going to talk, some are going to think I’m crazy, but that’s ok because I’m trying with everything I have to be able to stand in front of the Lord one day and Him say.. well done my good and faithful servant.

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