Let’s touch up on Serbia and Kosovo, trip back in history.

A full scale war waged by NATO was launched on Yugoslavia in 1999, violating international law & UN mandates.

The pretext for the war was a “grave humanitarian crisis in Kosovo, ethnic cleansing by forces of the Serbian regime.” According to the US & Germany.

According to NATO & the German defense minister:

“Pristina’s football stadium had been turned into a concentration camp holding 100,000 people. Never again will we allow another Auschwitz to exist! Every democratic nation has to do something.” – German Defense minister and American mainstream media, days before the NATO bombing campaign on Yugoslavia. — sometime later, American and European media went into the stadium. Quote, 1999 —

TIME Pentagon correspondent Mark Thompson. “Clearly there have been a lot of false reports in the confusion of the first week’s bombing.” For example, KLA sources told German TV on Tuesday that Pristina’s football stadium had been turned into a concentration camp holding 100,000 people. “Then a group of journalists went there and found that the stadium was not full of people, either dead or alive,” says Thompson.

The infamous “Kosovo Albanians had to mark their doors with huge “S” signs to avoid Serbian death squats from ethnically cleaning their homes” line also didn’t hold up very well. Till this day, not a single image exists of a door with an S sign in Kosovo, nor anywhere in former Yugoslavia.

Another report which was used as a pretext to start the war was a photo of a red van with what the NATO politicians described as “24 Ethnic Albanian civilians brutally murdered by the Serbian regime.” — however German journalists that got on the scene first before anyone else then went on TV, including German police official — years later and exposed the real footage. 24 Kosovar armed troops and 1 Serbian were killed. The video clearly showed footage of military-men with automatic rifles and uniforms KIA in a shootout with serbian police — nevertheless, this news was ignored when the truth came out.

The “grave catastrophe” described by NATO a few days before the bombing campaign was launched (which killed an enormous number of Yugoslavian civilians) — was a fake story too. The OSCE reported that the number of killed in Kosovo prior to the NATO bombing was 39 people, some of which were military personnel killed in clashes with the police.

The grave catastrophe started when NATO forces arrived and murdered thousands of civilians which was excused on TV as “collateral damage”.

German TV has exposed all these lies throughout the year, but they do not reach German mainstream media, nor the west.

NATO used the pretext of “Serbian Nazis” to launch a campaign killing, ethnically cleansing thousands of Kosovo Albanian civilians — without a shred of proof except “expert witnesses” — that is according to the German Defense minister.

An American Official who had access to secret US government files in his role as the principal political advisor to the US government, Mr Wayne Merry then came out years later and said that the bombing campaign on Yugoslavia was launched because: “it was a matter of demonstrating that the NATO alliance still had a purpose, and that the purpose is somehow beyond the purposes for which the alliance had been created, which were entirely defensive”, as explained by him to German media. — Basically to keep NATO alive.

NATO committed warcrimes on a massive scale without a shred of proof of their claims, all of which were disproven by their own officials and media years later — for those who were watching. Most citizens of the NATO nations still have no idea about the real course of events.


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