Ukraine Armed Forces loose again.

We see many rejoicing at the failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces today and the last 3 days.

Yes, this was Ukraine’s strongest moment of the war, their biggest effort and yes, it appears that so far, it has failed on a large scale.

However, it is too early to call it a complete failure. American and British commanders who orchestrated this have failed, undoubtedly. But every failure allows you to make corrections.

There are still holes to exploit in Russian Armed Forces defence in Kherson. Ukraine used a medium sized force. They did not go “balls in” as they could have— meaning they still have a lot of guys to throw into the meat grinder under a revised strategy. To be honest, we initially gave them way more credit than deserved as we anticipated it’ll be planned by NATO. The approach they chose was heavily flawed. We expected strategic use of HIMARS on Russian Armed Forces supplies and carefully chosen targeting of Russian Armed Forces hardware as well as a large infantry build up near Dniepr — which the Ukrainians can still launch, but clearly there’s a reason why they didn’t— likely because Russia can destroy them there very easily from a standoff distance. But this can always change.

It is highly unlikely they will succeed, we stand by our original statement made weeks ago, Kherson is a suicide mission for the Ukrainians. But they can still inflict damage.

One of 2 things are gonna happen: after today’s Zaporozhie NPP circus by Ukrainian special forces, Ukrainians will count their losses and pull back. OR, they will launch an all-in attack in coming days, where they’ll lose hordes of men (Russia will too, but not as many)

We must wait and see. This offensive is an embarrassment to the officers who planned it, the 2 missions were a failure. — however, it is too early to call the whole offensive a complete failure.

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