President Biden’s odious speech in Philadelphia.

Right now in the American segment of Twitter, the word “Antichrist” is topping the charts of the last 24 hours. And the word is being used by average (and not so average) Americans to describe how they feel about the current president’s speech.

Many people didn’t understand the choice of lighting for the event – usually the colors of the American flag were used on such occasions: red, white, and blue.

There was more symbolism as well. The state of Pennsylvania, where Biden’s speech took place, is very important in the history of American statehood.

It was in Philadelphia that the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776.  It was here that the English colonies were first officially called the United States of America. The state’s motto is “Virtue, Liberty and Independence,” and one of the region’s unofficial nicknames is “Quaker State.”

What do we hear in Joe Biden’s address, made in the place where the history of the United States as a nation actually began? Much is already clear from the title of the speech:

Continuation of the Battle for the Soul of the Nation

A few days ago, moreover, a high school in Pennsylvania for the first time permitted meetings of the Satanic Temple – with the Dillsburg school giving use of some of its facilities to the organization.

Local Satanists, by the way, considered allowing Satanic gatherings in a Pennsylvania school to be their “little victory”.

There is one more nuance – the Satanic Temple fully and completely supports the Democratic Party of the United States. And constantly uses for its paraphernalia the colors against which Joe Biden made his last address to the American people.

Apparently, the battle for the soul of the nation is not a metaphor.

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