I will keep my Bible and believe in the all mighty God.

The Christian Judaea system is the One World Order. It has been for centuries.

Its a biblical trust, in the satanic sense of things.

The Bible is a law book. Its not a religious book.
Why do they swear on the Bible in court?

Really want to get our of their system? Authentication of your birth cert means nothing, its still keeping ye in the system. Common law is not legitimate, just like constitutions.
Hand the birthcert back to where it came from. Learn why.

Roman civil procedure is a slave system. There is an enormous amount for people to let go of. The old world has to fall. People are clinging to a decaying society. Its built on lies greed and corruption, so much suffering and death has happened in this Babylonian system. Let it collapse. We build again, our way, not theirs, no politicians and no religion.

Never ever trust a pharmaceutical doctor again, they are the leading cause of death in our world right now. We will fix this. The current medical system can’t stay. They have destroyed the health of this world for far too long. They have created their own demise.
Those here working for big pharma and fighting for freedom, what ye doing helping them destroy us and the the eco system? Ye should know better. Morals not matching your lifestyle? There are other jobs we can create if ye be brave and step out of the Babylonian system. I can think of an enormous amount of jobs in new healthier industries. Can’t happen while ye keep conforming to being slaves getting paid to destroy the world.

Never ever trust a teacher who teaches your 4 year old sons and daughters porn and gender dysfunction which is the symptoms of autism. Autism can be healed. Teachers, shame on ye. How dare ye do this to the most innocent. Don’t like what ye have to work for? Step out of the system, we can build new schools that actually educate in the right way. It won’t happen while ye keep being slaves to the state.

Never ever trust the food industry who sells you poison and calls it food, food like products, not food, they set you all up to be sick and brain damaged and make it illegal to heal yourself outside of their Rockefeller death care system. Veganism is an agenda designed to genetically modify and sterilise living beings. Fake food will create so many diseases. Our bodies are designed to consume living foods like plants and fungi.

Never ever trust the agricultural industry. They get paid off by the state to destroy the food supply with monsanto/Bayer round up and many other acceptable herbicides and pesticides and insecticides that poison fruit and vegetables and then those who consume them.
Organophosphate is one of many acceptable insecticides used by the Irish agricultural industry. It is a nerve gas.
They use vaccines hormones antibiotics and GMO feed on those poor animals. Eating them is absolutely not good for the body and mind. Drinking dairy milk and eating cheese is destroying this worlds health. Most people are so addicted to their poisons they will argue to keep them.

Never ever trust the law system in this world it is a mafia out of control. Using all of us as stocks and bonds daily through our birth certificates, you know those slave papers we seem to want to stay attached too for some reason? Solicitors on éiRe work under the BAR its a foreign corporation called the British Accreditation Registry. They are committing fraud on our land.
Do we like being slaves to a corporation?

I could go on and on about all the industries that are poisoning and destroying this world with their toxic materials.
The big building industry is in on this too. They are government prostitutes just like solicitors. Hemp and mycelium should be the acceptable standard in building a more sustainable future. What they use is toxic and living in those environments is toxic to us.

The real protest is to step out of the system. Too turn yer back on the whole lot.

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