This just around the corner you need to get ready now.

People need to realize what’s coming will be the most bloodiest gruesome war humanity has ever seen. The Satanist who run this world already poisin females through birth control to make them attracted to males with similar DNA aka males with low testerone. They are making men soy boys by putting seed oils and soy in our food. They weaken men by feeding them atrazine filled water thus lowering testerone in men and hyper feminizing women.They are ruining potential family’s since women dont marry masculine men as they naturally would be if not poisined by birth control.

They are attacking the core values of what it means to be human one of which is love. They poisin our water ,our food and our skies. The majority of humans already aren’t who they truly are naturally as they were when they were born. Whether its flu shots which dumb you down and fluoride which makes you obedient and not being able to think for yourself or seed oil filled food that makes you sick and lazy. We as humans have been attacked on purpose to make us slaves.

They will send their goons to make an example of any patriot who dares stands up against them in the slightest whether its parents debating the school at school board meeting to people exposing their plans like Bill Cooper

They aren’t gonna stop here. They plan on depopulating the world down to 500 million before the year 2030 and putting everyone in Communes just like the movie “The Giver”. They plan to integrate humanity with chips aka TRANSHUMANISM thus loosing our free will.

Some people will always make an excuse to do nothing because their life is comfortable but what they don’t realize is no matter how much they sit and try to advoid the real world they soon will be forced to face it.

When war begins you must fight with not just everything you got but more…

Because your fighting for love. Your fighting for free will because your fighting for the natural born right to be human!!!✊

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